The Challenge Of Distractive Technology In The Classroom Essay


Disruptive or Distractive Tech?

Disruptive technology refers to innovations that significantly alter the way businesses, industries, or everyday activities function. It changes how things are done in a major sector or field, often displacing older technologies or methods. For example, the rise of the internet disrupted the traditional publishing industry, and smartphones have disrupted numerous aspects of daily life, from communication to photography. On the other hand, distractive technology is any technological tool or application that interrupts or diverts attention from tasks at hand. These technologies are not necessarily innovative in the transformative sense but can impact productivity and focus, such as social media platforms or certain mobile apps that might constantly notify and draw attention away from more productive activities (Magana, 2017).

In my classroom, the line between technology being disruptive (in a positive sense) and distractive can be quite thin. Technology, when used effectively, has been a game-changer in terms of accessibility to information, engagement through interactive learning tools, and the ability to connect with resources and communities beyond the classroom walls. For instance, using online platforms for collaborative projects or integrating multimedia resources into lessons has significantly enhanced student engagement and learning outcomes.

However, the same technology can be distractive when it's not used purposefully. The constant notifications from smartphones or the lure of social media can easily divert students' attention away from the learning objectives. This is...…expertise of students themselves. Many students may have more technological expertise than their teachers, so educators can adopt a partnership approach that really helps move the lesson along. This, ultimately, involves respecting and utilizing students' knowledge in technology, thereby fostering a learning environment where students feel valued and teachers can learn from their students. In line with the partnership principles of choice and voice, teachers can offer students opportunities to choose how they use technology in their learning. This could involve selecting which digital tools to use for projects or how to present their learning using technology. Such an approach not only engages students but also prepares them for real-world scenarios where they will need to…

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