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Tests in Classroom

Multiple choice tests are a favored method of testing due to its numerous advantages. First of all a faculty is familiar with developing them and it is easy to monitor cheating. These tests are easy to administer and are cost effective. The test facilitates rapid feedback due to the ease of scoring. The test also covers a broad part of the content. However the ability of a student can not only be measured using one mode of testing. Therefore, a student's ability to meet the course outcome has to be measured using different testing methods. Multiple choice tests are advantageous for some students as opposed to others who are not good at this mode of testing amend hence they will not be truereflection of the capabilities of a student. Every student has the right to a fair education and an equally mode of testing. There is need of examining the disadvantages of multiple choice tests when it comesto meeting the course outcome for students. These tests are particularly disadvantageous when it comes to the students who are learning English as an additional language. These tests are difficult to the EAL students and they are often last and score lowest in these tests as compared to the knowledge they demonstrate in class. This is because they are struggling to read through the test questions since they are constructed in English. This is a new language to them hence it would be difficult for them to understand this test and answer the questions with ease. To them actually this seems like taking tow test at the same time. Therefore, the construction of tests has to take intoconsideration the fact that there are so many students who are non-native English speakers. Therefore language and culture bias have to be considered when it come stop the construction of test due to the fact that there is an increased diversity among students.

Multiple choice are a useful tool in evaluation of students however, they are difficult to design well. Procedures require that learners use their contextual as well as linguistic knowledgeso as to reconstruct the meaning of a particular text.They are easy to prepare as well as correct but the score of students is dependent on the particular words that they understand on the questions as opposed to their general knowledge of English language. This means that the rules that apply to the construction of multiple choices have to be taken seriously. For instance, the stem which is the question has to brief and clear. The alternatives where the possible answer could be should be of the same length, in a sequential order and meaningful. Thedistractor, which is an incorrect choice but is a plausible one. Each of the multiple choices needs to have only one answer from the choices that have been provided. The construction of these tests has to be based on the learning objectives. If multiple choice tests are properly constructed then it would be very easy for students to understand them and hence…

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