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¶ … Communication Information Technology in Healthcare

Use of Communication and Information Technology in Healthcare

The processes, procedures and strategies healthcare organizations rely on to attain their objectives through collaboration and continual knowledge transfer are being accelerated by the widespread adoption of smartphones globally. More than any other technology, smartphones are revolutionizing how healthcare organizations ensure real-time data and intelligence about patents, procedures for improving patent care, and availability of resources are used. The goals of this analysis include and evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of smartphone technology's use in healthcare, including an assessment of their inherent advantages and disadvantages in streamlining information and intelligence workflows. The impact of smartphone technologies on consumers and their cumulative financial impact on health provider organizations over the near- and long-term are also included in this analysis. This analysis concludes with a set of recommendations for clarifying and strengthening the role of smartphones in healthcare-related applications. Studies indicate that smartphones significantly increase the level of collaboration in healthcare organizations by enabling greater accuracy, efficiency of communication and effectiveness of analysis while also reducing Total Cost of...


Studies of the pervasive use of smartphones in healthcare organizations indicate they are highly effective in creating ad hoc knowledge sharing networks across organizational boundaries (Luttenegger, 2010). As smartphones are now outselling personal computers of every type including laptops, their prevalence has turned into an enterprise-wide opportunity to gain greater levels of collaboration and shared knowledge across enterprise, especially in the healthcare field (Romero, 2011).

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Smartphone Technologies

With estimates of smartphones being used over the majority of the time to download games (60%) in reality the majority of traffic on smartphones today originate within enterprises (Johnson, 2011). Second, the combined number of applications on the three dominant smartphone operating systems (Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone) exceed in count all applications written for the Apple Macintosh operating system today (Luttenegger, 2010). The majority of specialized smartphone applications for the enterprise are specifically designed for accentuating and enhancing collaboration and information sharing, with the healthcare industry having the majority of smartphone applications to date (Tounsi, Qureshi, 2008).

The specific uses of smartphones in healthcare include monitoring patients' health through the use of real-time analytics, better management of treatment programs, greater levels of collaboration between doctors and their staffs, and more efficient use of limited operating room resources., All of these factors combined are leading to significant reductions in operating costs, leading overall lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for healthcare providers using this key technology (Luttenegger, 2010). Smartphones are also…

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Their small, compact size, highly integrated electronics, advanced Wi-Fi and 3G functionality and pervasive software support have transformed smart phones into the most dominant technology platform in healthcare today (Tounsi, Qureshi, 2008). Their advantages include the configurability to support secured and private communication between medical staffs, high degree of customization at the user interface and application level to support specific medical practice requirements and the ability to use them in networked workgroups protected with secured logins (Johnson, 2011). For all of these advantages however, they have just as many drawbacks including the high cost of configuring them for use within a secured hospital network, the costs of support and continual maintenance given how much activity they see in hospital and healthcare uses and the need to ensure a very high level of data security and compliance to government requirements (Johnson, 2011). Healthcare providers are relying increasingly on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to secure smartphone, tablet, laptop and Wi-Fi traffic throughout their treatment care centers and facilities, with many using VPNs across their entire campus locations (Tounsi, Qureshi, 2008). Despite these limitations, smartphones continue to proliferate throughout many of the areas of healthcare that need to have scalable, secured platforms for managing employee data and records.

Impact on Consumers of SmartPhone Technology

Significant and growing quickly, the impact of smartphones on consumers continues to accelerate. As of the beginning of 2012 there are over 60 different Google Android-powered smartphones

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