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Some attorneys simply seem to enjoy outrageous conduct when it comes to proving the innocence of their client, and some simply relish the feeling of power they have in the courtroom environment. Giving attorneys too much power can lead to problems in the courtroom and in the justice system. The debate over punishment that fits the crime and the death penalty also seem like debates that will rage for a long time, no matter what happens in the criminal justice system. There are always going to be cases where a minor criminal is sentenced to a punishment that seems much bigger than the crime they committed, and there will always be people opposed and in support of the death penalty. These chapters show that the criminal justice system is not perfect, and that reforms could help create a better, more workable system, but they also show that there will always be some who do not approve of certain methods, punishments, and actions in the courtroom, and that is impossible to please everyone all the time.

Throughout these chapters, the authors make the reader...


Not only do the authors make the reader think, they present arguments on both sides of the issues, so the reader can weigh criminal justice procedures in their own minds, and discover just where they stand on a variety of issues. This book is more than a textbook, it is more like a working case book, where the decisions are up to the student, allowing the student to recognize that often, there is no black and white in criminal justice, there are gray areas where sometimes, victims or suspected criminals fall through the cracks. The authors also point out that many issues, such as the fairness and ethics of criminal sentencing are often judgment calls, which at first seems to fly in the face of the justice system. However, the system is run by and for humans, and humans are capable of mistakes, righting wrongs, and creating judgments. Reading these chapters leaves the student with questions, but also with a much greater sense of the role that ethics and morality play in the criminal justice system.


Various Authors. (2005). Justice, Crime and Ethics. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing Company pp.…

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Various Authors. (2005). Justice, Crime and Ethics. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing Company pp. 125-201.

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