Diversity in Adult Education the Thesis

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The benefits of this study will be both to adult learners and to their educators. The benefits to the students should be obvious; though it will take time and further research to evaluate and implement the suggestions made by this study on a large scale, the needs of the students in a multicultural setting will be better met by educators who better understand the diversity of needs and styles that multiculturalism helps to propagate and condense in the classroom.

4) the theoretical frameworks of multiculturalism and teaching theories are best suited to the study proposed. The varying degrees of assimilation and resistance to it need to be both respected and understood for effective teaching to take place, as well as an understanding of specific practices and behaviors of other cultures. Multiculturalism, though now a disputed framework, still provides the clearest and most readily applicable insights into these areas, and will be a necessary vantage point from which to tackle the first stage of the study.

The second portion of the study, in which teaching styles will be analyzed, is best studied with an eye on teaching theories, as well as the information and understanding obtained from the multicultural perspective. The combined perspective of these two theoretical frameworks will best enable the study to effectively determine and recommend proper and efficient teaching strategies for dealing with multicultural-based differences in learning…

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