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Earth hour will soon be in its sixth year. We are celebrating this event by becoming involved in the environmental movement. The hospitality industry has a special part to play in keeping the earth clean and habitable. After all, tourism and travel are some of the most common of human experiences.

What is sustainability?

What I mean to say is that sustainability is a way of life. It is not just recycling, limiting pollution and using less energy. Sustainability a process or the production of a product that can be maintained indefinitely. It gives back to the local community in which it resides. This is done by a variety of activities such as supporting local businesses, artisans, industries and farms. This makes the


By this, we mean that we buy and serve only locally grown organic fruits, vegetables, produce and meat. Other positive developments in the hotel is we encourage our guests to cut back on linen usage and that we use organic linen. Our office utilizes recycled products and we have an active recycling program that is going strong. This is very positive directions for the general health of the local public and the environment. We are thinking globally and acting locally in this way to save the Earth.

Construction of the new, environmentally friendly building.

With our new hotel building, we had it designed for energy efficiency as well as the integration of natural materials wherever this has been possible. In the building, we have reduced or eliminated materials used in its construction which…

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