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Education Plan

This proposal seeks to create an organization that will help train students to fill positions in information technology (IT). It is proposed that this entity operate as a non-profit to maximize its influence on the youth of today. Its products and services will revolve around hardware, software and valuable instruction to students at after school programs. It will attempt to procure funding from typical non-profit sources (in the public and private spheres).

Company Summary

This company will be formed to directly address the skills gap for the IT industry. The company will provide training to after school programs regarding the various facets of technology in which students can pursue careers. The company will effectively function as a non-profit entity (and will potentially have 501 c status) which should considerably help its financing and even management options. The company will contact a number of different after school programs and propose different ways to help them prepare students for jobs in the information technology industry.


The products and services that this entity will disseminate will take the form of training measures for students. The actual instruction, workshops, and individualized conveying of concepts and practice...


However, there are numerous facets of hardware and software that are required to implement this service. Such hardware and software will effectively operate as a product that the company will also deliver to after school entities. There are numerous cases in which facilities may have their own hardware (such as computers and other network equipment); in virtually all cases, however, organizations will need the software products required to complete training.

Marketing Analysis

The marketing analysis for this company will encompass a number of different aspects. Initial market research is necessary to ascertain what similar companies/competition exists. It is prudent to analyze their particular tactics, strategies, products and services as well to glean insight into these aspects of the proposed company. The marketing analysis will also include identifying the potential customer base, which should ideally involve both formal educational institutions (schools) as well as numerous other after school choices (YMCA's, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, etc.). Lastly, it is prudent to identify the most prudent marketing channels which includes online advertising, broadcast and print advertising.

Strategic Work Plan

The strategic work plan is to help students get the type of career training that they can incorporate into some of the more popular information technology positions. Moreover, the positions that are selected for training students in will be 'gateway positions', entry level IT jobs that,…

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