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A New Perception of Evidence-Based Practice


Three possible outcomes are expected whenever a clinical practice is conducted: correct results, representation of a random variation, or results influenced by systematic errors. Numerous factors can influence these errors; for instance, random errors might be due to play of chance, while systematic biases might be due to inadequate research or analysis (Al-Jundi, 2017). The study has depicted that biased results contribute up to 60% of the actual effect of the healthcare intervention, which could mislead healthcare decision-making. Therefore, critical appraisal is the process of being keen while examining the research evidence to determine the degree of its trustworthiness and its relevance to that particular context. Thus it is used to determine whether the clinical research evidence is free from biases and relevant to the patient.


Evidence-based practice (EBP) integrates personal clinical expertise through the knowledge they had gained from the best available evidence from systematic research and patients' values that influence the decision-making process for their patient care (Al-Jundi, 2017). Therefore, this essay aims to provide a comprehensive and simple process for assessing the credibility of the article "Changes in nursing students' perceptions of research and evidence-based practice after completing a research course" and their contribution to clinical practice.


Besides, based on the results presented by the article, the critical appraisal is accurate as the students were enrolled in the research process to develop a foundation for developing evidence-based practice skills. Students were enrolled in their lectures and assigned discussion groups, and at the end of the session, they were given exams to test their credibility (Keib et al., 2017). Besides the assessment, a group paper and postal presentation tested students' ability to apply the objectives, skills, and knowledge while conducting their research. The course ensured that students were well equipped to face reality. Towards the end of the session, they were required to create a poster about their EBP project and present it to their faculties. During…curriculum since it helps improve the students' perception of the knowledge they learn and influence their attitudes toward EBP. The study was impactful to students, and after completing their studies, some attested that EBP would play a major role in their future practices. Therefore, this concept has enabled students to develop critical and analytic thinking skills. Besides, it should be incorporated in all nursing institutions because it builds students' confidence while conducting research.

However, the study had some limitations because it majored more in one university, mostly female and Caucasian students. Thus, the result could be associated with some biasness since it was from a limited scope. Therefore, they need to evaluate other universities to ensure more reliable results.

In conclusion, incorporating EBP courses in the nursing curriculum positively influences students, increasing their confidence during their practice. This curriculum helped build students' confidence while conducting EBP. Furthermore, most participants agreed that they would incorporate it in their future practices as it introduces them to new…

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