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He has been transformed by ineluctable fate and the events of the past few years and it is obvious that he has internalized and accepted the values and the morals of the Mafia family of which he is now the head. He is now truly the Godfather. This is made dramatically clear in the final scene of the film where Kay observes Michael receives gestures of respect from there other members of the Mafia family. This scene immediately takes us back to the very first scene of the film where we saw the respect that was shown to Don Vito Corleane. This tradition is continued with his son, Michael.

In conclusion, the story of Michael's life in the film from his early refusal to take part in the family business to his rise to the head of the family is an engrossing and intriguing cinematic experience. It is also conceptualized and developed in such a way as to provide insight into the various factors and human relationships that make up the intricate mesh of the...


Atmosphere is particularly important as a means of conveying the intricate nuances of the Mafia family.

The positive aspects of loyalty and filial devotion are played off against the violence and ugliness of the world of organized crime. In a real sense, because Michael is a sincere and loving son he has no choice but to protect his father. This leads to his deeper involvement in the activities of the family. Finally, when his father dies he is placed in a position where the survival of those he loves and cares for is dependent on harsh and radical actions. Therefore, one could argue that Michael is man with good intentions who is placed in a position where he has no option but to use illegal and necessary means to ensure the safety and continuation of his family.

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