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"The IOM report recognized the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana and urged that marijuana be made available to individual patients while research continued on the development of new drugs developed from marijuana" (Zeese).


In conclusion, there are two schools of thought on this issue. One view sees very little difference in terms of health implication between marijuana and cigarette smoking. However, there is some resistance to the idea that marijuana is as unhealthy or as dangerous as cigarettes. This had led to the notion that marijuana is less harmful to the user than tobacco. However, many reports and studies tend to stress that while the effects of each substance on the individual differ, in the long - term both have negative effects that should be emphasized. (Vlahov et al., 2004)

While there is a strong case for the benefits of marijuana in certain instances and for certain conditions, this should not override the negative aspects associated with the sunspace.


The above research and the literature tend to emphasize a central recommendation; namely that more in-depth research should be initiated into a comparative analysis of the two substances in question. Furthermore, that this research should be cognizant of the many variables that form part of this comparative analysis and that the positive medicinal aspects related to Marijuana should not override the plethora of negative health issues.

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