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¶ … Kate Braverman wrote an award winning story called "Tales of the Mekong Delta" in 1991. Ten years later, Ted Demme directed and released a film called Blow. The paper will explore, analyze, and compare themes of the two texts. Specifically, the paper will focus on issues of identity, self-esteem, respect, alienation, predatory behavior including domination (and submission), addiction, as well as moral & ethical behavior. Both stories center around the consequences of illicit substances in the personal lives of the characters.



Lenny essentially begins stalking her. Lenny is the figure for dominance and aggression in the story. She is the figure for submission and vulnerability in the story. She tries to deviate from her routine and essentially change her life, but Lenny tracks her down and shows up at her home, asking for assistance. Lenny perceives her as prey and acts in a predatory manner to her.

"I know all about you. I know your routine. I been watching you for two weeks. Ever since I got to town. I saw you my first day. You think I'd ask you out on a date and not know your routine?" Lenny stared at her. She felt her eyes widen. She started to say something but she changed her mind. (Braverman, 1991)

He understands that she is vulnerable because of her addiction and likely has damaged self-esteem. Lenny pushes himself on to the woman sexually, psychologically, and emotionally. Lenny finds ways to maneuver and push his way into the life of the woman. Toward the conclusion, he has shown up at her home uninvited, he gets the woman…

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