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musical style epitomized the 1920s? Jazz

What did John Steinbeck describe in The Grapes of Wrath? The dust bowl and its impact on agricultural families during the great depression.

National Industrial Recovery Act? An act created by President Roosevelt to stimulate the economy by allowing the government to regulate particular industries.

What did the Civilian Conservation Corps do? Created jobs on state and national lands to stimulate the economy.

What did Eleanor Roosevelt see as her primary role as First Lady? To be an advocate for civil rights

Which of the following was not true concerning the election of 1936? Incomplete Question

Which of the following pieces of legislation was an attempt at campaign reform in the late 1930s? Incomplete Question

The National Resources Planning Board facilitated? The National Resources Planning Board facilitated creating and implementing employment for young men during the great depression.

What feature of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 established the basic framework of federal agricultural policy for decades to come? In years of big harvests and low prices, the government would make loans to farmers and store their surplus crops in government warehouses.

Molly Dewson, head of the Democratic Party's women's division, advocated? Women's suffrage and the New Deal.

Which New Deal initiative paid farmers subsidies to take acreage out of production? The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933

A growing antibusiness attitude during the first Hundred Days of the New Deal could be detected in which of the following programs? The Federal Securities Act

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 did? Allowed collective bargaining of laborers

Why was Benny Goodman famous? He was an American Jazz player and became known as the "King of Swing"

What was Roosevelt's immediate responses to the banking crisis? He closed the banks for a holiday and drafted the Emergency Banking Act.


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The Manhattan Project was? The secret project for inventing the atom bomb

Who were the Scottsboro boys? Nine black teenagers accused of rape in a 1931 Alabama case. It revealed the deeply seated racism in Alabama due to its denial of a fair trail.

A. Philip Randolph's call for a massive march on Washington led to? Desegregation of the armed forces.

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