Personal And Professional Accountability Essay


Personal and Professional Accountability Personal Growth and Development

The concept of professional nurse accountability has been defined by professional nursing bodies and nurse education credentialing bodies as an essential factor underpinning professional practice. As a nurse, I realize this fact and take accountability and responsibility for whatever behavior and actions exhibited, on my part, at the workplace. Moreover, I have understood the need to appraise myself, strive to improve my practice, and continuously fulfill learning outcomes I determine. Lastly, I attempt to sustain my physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing for being able to practice effectively (CRNBC, 2017).

Ethical Conduct and Practice

In this profession, I have acquired skills to operate within the boundaries of my personal competence levels, the legally accepted practice scope, and every applicable law. Acting to support safe, ethical and proper patient care comes under my personal and professional nursing accountability as well (CRNBC, 2017).

Involvement in a Professional Association

My profession has taught me to support and facilitate the development of practices and policies that are in line with nursing standards. I realize the need to maintain my registration, and comprehend the regulatory agency's role and its relationship with my practice (CRNBC, 2017).


APRNs (advanced practice registered nurses) are, at present, employed in the following distinct spheres: (a) clinical nursing specialists, (b) nurse practitioners, (c) certified RN anesthetists (CRNA) and (d) certified nurse midwives. CRNA deliver analgesic and anesthetic care to patients in a fairly short yet crucial stage of treatment (Campbell, 2011).

Career Planning

Knowing One's Role

NPs at their best serve as healthcare providers, collaborators,...


Further, they function in the roles of referral sources, consultants, counselors, outreach experts/community partners, program facilitators, and advocates. I realize the need for me, as a nursing professional, to be a diligent researcher and record-keeper. I must progress from the novice stage and become an expert capable of fulfilling management, leadership, social mover and change agent roles (Campbell, 2011).
Knowing One's Future

As a future APRN, I realize that much remains for me to learn. Learning, in my view, is no temporary skills/knowledge acquisition; rather, learning is only successful if my skills and knowledge become apparent in all practice areas. With my professional growth, I need to become increasingly knowledgeable in the diverse roles of NPs in their personal and professional undertakings (CRNBC, 2017).

Positioning Myself

My work in the field allows me to study NP functions in diverse roles and the link between the NP's role and roles of other healthcare practitioners like doctors, physician assistants, specialty providers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, radiologists and physical, speech, respiratory, occupational, and nutritional therapists. I receive team mentoring and encouragement to cooperate and discuss with coworkers. Currently, my chief emphasis is constant learning and on NPs' clinician, collaborator, and patient educator roles (Campbell, 2011).

Personal Journey Disciplines

Council Management or Shared Leadership

While I have been able to express a few views of mine with regard to management problems, I am still uncomfortable in leadership roles. But I believe I have the capacity to increase my self-confidence and progressively grow into the leadership role (Savrin, 2009)

Action Learning

As all learning…

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