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Personal Statement

During my 4-year period as a college student, I studied Marketing and in my second year, I decided to discontinue the course in favor of Information Systems. The information industry is becoming more prominent in the running of most businesses and corporations and is becoming the source of solutions to most information management issues. In this regard, a personal computer is necessary for business as well as domestic usage and since computer technology affect most organizational activities. The demand for IT educated individuals has been on the rise.

The major reason behind choosing the course is due to the fact that I find it interesting and that I will gain more knowledge on several information platforms and services. My major is Human Resource and minor is Information System. I apply for Master Degree of Science in Information Systems since I believe only one major is not enough competitive advantage for me to compete with others in the job market. However, combining HR and information system knowledge can improve my current situation and enhance the solid knowledge of information system. In addition, in my last semester, I enrolled in a Programming class which makes me deeply love information system. As a result of this, I have become knowledgeable on visual basic software to create customer order such as coffee shop order and how to track daily revenue. I want to return to studying so that I can better myself for the future and gain qualifications for some of the skills that I already possess.

During my undergraduate studies, I took an interest in the field of human resource and information systems. Together with my classmates, we initiated several research projects concerning human resource as well as information management and even started an information systems club within the school. I also teamed with other four classmates to create job advertisements as well as conduct web design activities for several organizations. In addition, my part during the project was to design the network's database system for potential clients and this proved to be fun and eye-opening since I could put my knowledge onto practical use. Therefore, for me, the M.Sc. In Information Systems is a significant component of my training.

By having my master's degree, I anticipate that my career will be moving in the direction of most American IT professionals from a consulting perspective and ultimately a…

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