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Personal Statement: Radiologic Technology Program

To me, there is nothing more fulfilling and exciting than being part of a team that alleviates the suffering of others. Unknown to many, mostly those serving in other professions, working in the medical field has its own unique challenges. It is the realization that mine is a unique role - a role that involves helping others -- that motivates me to keep working in this noble field. It is this same reason that motivates me to become a radiologic technologist. In addition to matching my skill-set, the radiologic technology field does, to a large extent, match my experience -- spanning over seven years in a healthcare setting. In the final analysis therefore, successful completion of the Radiologic Technology Program at GAMA will be a logical step towards the further development and enhancement of my career in the medical arena. Indeed, professional growth in the medical field was my main driving force in seeking employment at Kaiser.

My reasons for applying to the GAMA Radiologic Technology Program are many and diverse. To begin with, being a private college, the institution does not suffer bureaucratic problems similar to those experienced in public institutions. In that regard, I would expect an institution like GAMA to have a fast-paced learning environment, and hence an efficient academic system. Further, I also understand that classroom sizes are particularly small -- with each class having 16 to 20 students. I am convinced that in addition to allowing teachers to have personalized academic relationship with students, the smaller class size in this case also decongests classes, thus creating a friendlier learning environment. I would love to undertake my studies in such a learning-friendly setting. It is also important to note that the location of the institution is particularly convenient. Having purchased a home in Oakland last year, securing admission in your institution, which also happens to be close to my place of work, would result in a shorter travel time and hence more time to study.

An evaluation of my personal attributes drives me to conclude that I would succeed in the program. To begin with, in addition to being tech-savvy, I also exhibit great critical thinking and analytical skills. These, I believe, are skills that will come in handy in the development of skills necessary for the performance of diagnostic imaging procedures. I also happen to be a life-long learner. My thirst for knowledge relating to diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions through imaging is therefore largely insatiable. Being a team player, I am convinced that I will relate well with not only my instructors but also my fellow students. Also, with my seven years worth of experience in a healthcare setting, I already…

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