Role of Education in Fostering Case Study

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During the investigative process, this researcher documents the formulation and thinking of the citizenship education programme in a typical Singapore secondary school.

Singapore, a contemporary strategic island known as one of the world's busiest economic powerhouse seaports, also currently constitutes a major global banking, petroleum, and ship building center. During the past few decades, Singapore, considered a "melting pot of cultures" moved to the top of considerations for international travelers. "A bridge and causeway connect Singapore to the Malaysia mainland…." (Singapore, 2008) Due to problems evolving from the aggressive current patterns of the Strait of Singapore, however, vital, on-going land reclamation projects routinely occur.

Regional fishermen and pirates originally claimed Singapore, at one time part of the Sumatran Empire of Srivijaya. During the 16th century, European control of the Malaysian area began. In 1819, Britain founded Singapore as a British trading colony, and consequently built one of Britain's most vital naval bases there. In 1963, when Singapore and the states of Sabah and Sarawak joined the Peninsular Malaysia Federation, Malaysia itself was formed. During 1965, however Singapore withdrew from the Peninsular Malaysia Federation and became a separate nation. (Singapore, 2008)

The following figures (2-4) depict various maps of Singapore, the country, formally known as Republic of Singapore, with a population of approximately 4,425,700. Singapore also denotes the name of the capital of Singapore or the Republic of Singapore, the country.

X -- pic in other TEMPLATE

Figure 2: Singapore View 1 (Singapore, 2008)

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Figure 3: Singapore View 2 (Singapore, 2008)

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Figure 4: Singapore View 4 (Singapore Google, 2005)

The white crescent on the Singapore flag, officially adopted December 3, 1959, reflected by the following figure (5), represents Singapore as a new nation. The five stars symbolize "democracy, equality, justice, peace and progress." White represents the purity and virtue of the people. The red in the Singapore flag repo stands for universal brotherhood. (Singapore, 2008)

Figure 5: Flag of Republic of Singapore (Singapore, 2008)

The following figure 6) depicts languages spoken in Singapore.

Figure 6: Languages Spoken in Singapore (adapted from Singapore, 2008)

The following figure (5) denotes religions practiced in Singapore.

Figure 7: Religions Practicecd in Singapore (adapted from Singapore, 2008)

The next two figures (8-9) portray the location of Yishun Town Secondary School, one…

Sources Used in Document:

Figure 8: Yishun Town Secondary School Location (1) (Yishun Town Secondary, 2008)

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Figure 9: Yishun Town Secondary School Location (2) (School Information Service, 2008)

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