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Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

Since 1969, a lot has changed in terms of technology: computers have become smaller and orders of magnitude faster and more efficient; cell phones arrived; instant communication became possible with the Internetand yet space travel seems to be the one thing that mankind apparently mastered and then forgot how to do. NASA says it lost the technology to get back to the moonand people contrast todays technology with the technology of 1969 and say that if we cant reach the moon today with what we have, there is no way people reached it in 1969 with what they had (McGowan, 2009). Or they run the other way with their argument and say that the technology required to do what they did back then still does not existand in defense of this theory they might point to the fact that Nixon took a phone call from the moon, yet getting good cell phone reception when one is at the beach remains a problem for us today. Thus, the development of modern technology in the present shapes how people view the past. Therefore, this paper will explain how the influence of technology has led to the belief in the moon landing hoax conspiracy theory.

Technology shapes the way people think. But the fact that NASA has chosen to take the high road, as Dunn (2002) calls it, and ignore the hoaxers has not helped convince conspiracy theorists that America did land on the moon in 1969. Instead, it leaves others to the task of addressing the argumentsand Royal Museums Greenwich (n.d.) has done just that. For example, conspiracy theorists look at computers we have today and compare them to what we had back then and say theres just no way. They argue that if we had the technology in 1969-1972 to get to the moon, we would surely have been back by now. The Royal Museums Greenwich (n.d.) argues in response that it is not a matter of technologybut rather simply that Our priorities changed. The justification for no longer going to the moon…jump to conclusions and suggest that the technology behind the biggest event in modern historylanding on the moonhas not gone missing but rather that it never existed in the first place. They look at modern technology and what it is and is not capable of and then ask questions about the past and the present and the future and expect answers. It is as if having the Internet or an iPhone suddenly made one feel as though he were entitled to clarifications on matters that NASA isnt talking about and thatquite franklymakes some worry people will next start questioning the Holocaust (Dunn, 2002).

In conclusion, technological change gives moon landing hoax conspiracy theorists two pathways for arguing that the moon landings of the 60s and 70s never took place. They say, first, that NASA accomplished things with worse technology than we have today that we today are still having trouble doing with better technology. And, second, they say that since technology has improved so muchwe should have been to the moon and back already…

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