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Yes, America Has Changed" by Andrew Sullivan

In the article entitled, "Yes, America Has Changed," author Andrew Sullivan discussed his interpretation of one of the numerously-written and -- opined topics in the country these days: the September 11 bombing at the World Trade Center in New York City. In it, Sullivan provides the readers with his own argument, positing that the event that was the World Trade Center bombing elicited feelings of rage among Americans.

Sullivan, in order to establish the assertion that, indeed, Americans felt rage after the 9/11 bombing, cited specific facts in which he considered are issues that his countrymen should feel angry about. Thus, he went on to describe the alleged involvement of other Middle Eastern, Muslim countries to the bombing, which included, among others, Saudi Arabia. He furthermore established his stance by comparing the bombing with events such as the Second World War and Cold War, events that left millions of people dead, and in which, Sullivan attests, America had become "vulnerable."

The article ends abruptly from the author's line of argument: the first three paragraphs showed the psychological effects of the 9/11 bombing to the American psyche, as well as psychological explanations that attempt to uncover the likely responses of people after witnessing a tragic incident in their lives; the next paragraphs provided arguments insinuating that Middle Eastern countries have been involved primarily in the
...Despite the lengthy arguments he provided, the author had failed his readers in convincing them to believe his position, mainly because he did not provide facts that proves his thesis.

The first three paragraphs contained the author's discussion about the psychological perspective explaining how people respond to tragic events. Sullivan cites the "flashbulb memory" phenomenon, which, unfortunately, had nothing to do at all with the rest of his arguments. He used this information, i.e., the…

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