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Need some help writing my essay on the subject of psychotherapy or a certain counseling method?


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Psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as talk therapy, describes a wide variety of counseling methods that center on a person seeking resolution by discussing their problems with some type of mental health professional.  It is an interesting type of mental health intervention because it is helpful to a wide range of people and is used by people with and without mental disorders.  This differentiates it from some types of mental health interventions, which are specifically targeted to those experiencing a mental illness.

One of the main benefits of psychotherapy is that it helps people with their problem-solving skills.  Psychotherapy can help people with conflict resolution, learn how to deal with stressful scenarios, learn healthy coping skills, choose better behavior problems, deal with life changes or losses, recover from abuse or other trauma, or even just sleep better.  This type of therapy provides people with a disinterested third party that can act as a sounding board, help them discover root causes of issues in their lives, and help them come up with problem-solving skills.  This can be particularly helpful for people who are essentially healthy but who may be dealing with people in their life who have issues with boundaries or who have not resolved their own underlying issues or perfected their own coping skills.  The distance of a third-party perspective by someone who is not impacted by a person’s choices can be very helpful in determining the right pathway.

Of course, psychotherapy can also be helpful to people experiencing mental illnesses or disorders.  Psychotherapy can help people with anxiety disorders learn coping methods, can help regulate and stabilize those with mood disorders, can help treat addictions and eating disorders, can help people with personality disorders, and can even be helpful to people with psychotic disorders.   

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