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Climate Change

A review of recent developments in climate change science.

Initial Reaction.

This is an eye-opener of an article. The facts presented in the journal Progress in Physical Geography show powerful evidence that the climate is changing faster than earlier believed. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) empirical reports are fascinating to me, and understanding this global threat is important for all citizens. For those who believe conservative talk radio (global warming is being exaggerated they say, and those promoting warnings about carbon releases are just anti-business) -- or otherwise and have doubts about how and why the climate is changing -- this is a good starting point to the real world for those folks. I am frankly amazed at the number of media personalities and even elected public officials that still think climate change is some kind of liberal conspiracy. It is patently absurd to ignore empirical science. Unfortunately, the debate is political, with conservatives pushing for the Keystone pipeline from Canada and progressives advocating for renewable energy sources.

Important Information: The article reports that there has been "increased ice sheet mass loss" in Greenland because the ocean is warming and the air is warming, and the potential consequences are frightening: the Atlantic Ocean could rise by up to 1 meter by 2100, and this would be an unbelievable disaster for coastal towns and cities. Also, scientists report that the permafrost regions "are experiencing thawing" and there is a potential for a more rapid release of carbon into the atmosphere as the permafrost in northern latitudes warms and melts.

How I will use the information: I consider myself an informed citizen, and I read up on the trends in terms of global warming, so I can be knowledgeable in any situation. The changes already seen in wildlife migrations, in the more powerful hurricanes and tornados, in the rising of ocean levels, are all due to the warming of the atmosphere. Those that insist there's nothing to worry about and that we can go ahead and live the way we always have, use unlimited amounts of electricity and drive our cars as always, are out of touch with science.

Topic Two: Additional recent developments in climate change science.

Initial Reaction:

I found the very latest scientifically based assessments of the impacts of global climate change are both disturbing and enlightening. From this article I now know more about the impact climate change has had on communities. What is worrying is that the great majority of Americans (those who have a job and haven't been foreclosed out of their homes) are far too busy making a living, feeding their families, and paying bills, to be concerned about the rise in global temperatures. Those that are listening and watching news programs hear the drumbeat of the right wing attacking the goals of limiting the burning of fossil fuel, and they hear rebuttals from progressives saying that conservatives are in denial. What should become a uniting goal -- having everyone understand how important it is to take the bus, the train, or ride a bike, rather than use automobiles for every minor need -- is instead the roar of polarizing rhetoric in this country, which is why only 13% of the public approves of the activities of the U.S. Congress.

Important Information: It is frightening to imagine 63 to 102…

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