Climate Change and Global Warming Essay

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From watching the movie, it is apparent that as we live in the environment that we live in, it is easy to gather that Americans want a future that has economic prosperity and a safe climate that will be more abundant for future generations to come. This is because the American life consists of material prosperity, political democracy and environmental issues as what people believe then to be. However, since the structure of the United States government has to be reconstructed while global warming is being dealt with by political representatives, the planet's climate is being destroyed by pollutants.

However, at the same time that I feel this movie is informative, I do not believe that global warming needs to be completely addressed in today's society. I feel that there are more pressing issues that need to be dealt with today. I also feel that this generation will be long before global warming will be a big concern. In other words, our great great grandchildren who will have be the ones that are concerned about this environmental issue.

Since opinions do not matter when the government is involved with issues concerning our well-being, it is apparent that "Heat' was made so that it could be pointed out global warming needs to be addressed in order for people to be aware of the issue that destroying the earth on a daily basis. It has gotten to the point that as this movie review/essay is being written, the planet is being dissolved by unnatural affects. Furthermore, the movie stresses that if global warming is not addressed properly within a timely manner, there will be no earth to save in the future, which leads to the end of the human race and God's earthly creatures.

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