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In the face of uncertain policy trends on global warming, concerned sectors suggested five guidelines of policy to secure that survival. First, actions or decisions should be applied only in the near future so as to accommodate new knowledge on global warming still to be discovered. Second, reducing global warming will incur large costs to human society. Third, global warming involves all nations and should not be confined to only a few concerned or eager ones. Fourth, actions should be taken according to an orderly timetable and periodically reviewed. Fifth, plans evolved should be flexible and capable of incorporating new knowledge (Weidenbaum). It has been evident and unfortunate that the global warming has been reduced to a partisan issue rather than treated as an all-significant scientific reality (Manzi 2007). Conservatives have also locked themselves away from the discussion. It does present as a very threatening situation with very serious consequences from continued neglect but no one should be paralyzed in fear. As recommended, a science-based approach will consist and need support for prediction, mitigation and adaptation technologies (Manzi).

The first requires the development and use of climate-predictive tools (Manzi 2007). Present climate modeling is very costly but also poorly supervised by smart analysts. It is usually dominated by excessive and complex researches rather than focused on the task at hand. There is a lack of rigorous validation studies on reliable predictions and transparent data standards. There is clear and urgent need for federal funds to be redirected for the creation of a better and more responsive software modeling process. It should be complemented by networks of physical sensors to provide early-warning systems for imminent and potential climatic disasters (Manzi).

The second involves mitigating the condition by long-term decarbonization (Manzi 2007). It includes the development of tactical technologies like carbon sequestration and cleaner-burning...


These products should be exported to big countries like China and India. Utilizing U.S. Or European technology to raise the energy-conversion efficiency of Chinese power plants now using coal may not be attractive today. But it also appears to be the most important step to take in decreasing global carbon emissions in the next century (Manzi).
Adaptation technology measures are the last but the most importantly cost-effective measure to address the global threat (Manzi 2007). These measures include simple techniques, such as planting more trees and utilizing more reflective pain. Developing crops strains, which grow better in slightly warmer temperatures, better buttresses for buildings, and radical zoning codes in coastal areas can substantially reduce losses from changes in temperatures, hurricanes and floods at present. These will also reduce vulnerability to future climatic catastrophes (Manzi).

The very real threat of global warming requires rising from the denial stage and assuming a genuine science-based approach to confront it. Minimizing political and economic damage is no longer the issue (Manzi 2007). The survival of the species and the environment is. It can no longer be denied or overlooked.


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