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Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation There is a growing consensus among the scientific community that global warming is a reality that threatens the earth's climate in ways that will be devastating to mankind. Many analysts believe that action must be taken to mitigate the effects of global warming before it is too late to stop the process. This paper provides a discussion concerning natural and manmade sources of climate change, a personal opinion concerning whether global warming is real, and an assessment of two mitigation strategies that have been proposed. Finally, a speculation concerning what policy changes would help stabilize global climate and which business sectors or nations should be held to more strict standards is followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning global warming in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Greenhouse gas emissions are widely recognized as causes of global warming (Clark & Lee, 2004). Many members of the scientific community believe that greenhouse gas levels must be significantly reduced below existing levels as mandated for developed nations by the Kyoto Protocol (Clark & Lee, 2004). Although manmade carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion is frequently cited as the main source of greenhouse...


Although most authorities agree that increased manmade activities are the primary source of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, not all authorities agree that global warming is anthropogenic in origins. Indeed, according to Easterbrook, "The human role in carbon dioxide discharges is modest compared to nature's. Naturally occurring carbon emissions outnumber human-caused emissions roughly 29 to one" (1995, p. 312).
Irrespective of its origins, though, there is mounting evidence that the Earth is growing warmer, sea levels are rising, the polar ice caps are melting and that anthropogenic activity is the primary contributing cause (Allen et al., 2009). Indeed, researchers at NASA conclude that here is "a more than 90% probability that human activities over the past 250 years have warmed our planet" (A blanket around the Earth, 2013, para. 3).

Two potential approaches to global warming mitigation have been advanced. The first approach involves the government promulgating new regulations that would require substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (Clark & Lee, 2004). This alternative would require direct government action and oversight (Clark & Lee, 2004). The other approach that has been offered as a solution to global warming is to allow the most efficient response to any actual changes in the climate as they occur rather than taking action to prevent them from occurring in the first place (Clark & Lee, 2004). This "invisible hand" approach provides a framework in which mitigation efforts can proceed most efficiently without government interference (Clark & Lee, 2004). While the first alternative would likely…

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