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, 1998. They work to regulate the temperatures in the globe by reabsorbing heat reflected from the surface of the earth and trapping it. The natural process of trapping heat creates a balance on the global atmosphere only when the amount of heat trapped does not exceed the volumes required.

Over the years, human activities have led to the introduction of artificially created gases comprising of Methane and carbon dioxide. The release of these gases over the years has surpassed the globe's acceptable volumes of desired eco-balance. The artificial gases buildup in the atmosphere excessively trapping heat in volumes that prevent thermal radiation from leaving the earth's Atmosphere. The consequences of the increase in heat trapping gases are a significant concern and, a reason why global warming comes about as a result of human activity, as opposed to natural processes.

Other human activities that have increased the presences of Carbon, Nitrogen and Methane gases include burning of fossil fuels in the name of mechanization and inhibiting natural process. Burning fossil fuels increases emission of gasses in the atmosphere and leads to increased levels of global warming. Diekmann & Preisendurfer P., 1998.

The fossil fuels come from organic matter (example coals and oil). The burning of these fossil fuels gives rise to carbon monoxide (CO2), - a green house gas -- that contributes significantly to trapping heat in the atmosphere. Mining activities such as those involving digging out coal and


Introduction of methane in the earth's atmosphere increase heat trapping gases thus, leading to global warming.
As the world population increases the levels of carbon and methane introduced in the atmosphere are increasing. The increased presence of humans in the world and the rising demand for housing and transport needs has robbed the environment the vital eco balance Gifford R., 2007.

The increasing in human population on the globe pushes natural forest and water masses that facilitate the cleansing of gases such as carbon. According to Gleckler P.J. et al., 2012()

inhabiting of natural habitats robs nature its natural cleansing ability. Forests play a vital role as water catchment areas and, a big consumer of the Carbon gases released through human activities Fischhoff B., 2007.

The wanton destruction of forests is a human activity that further strains the environment's ability to wash away emissions by human activities. Global warming in this case results of human destruction of natural agents.

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