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Thus, the most effective way to achieve English proficiency in an ELL student is by presenting content-based earning that also requires development of English skills (Laturnau 2002). Regular assessment of ELL progress in the student can result in content-based curricula that is at once accessible yet challenging to the student, improving performance on standards-based instructional measurements as well as increasing language proficiency (Laturnau 2002; SIOP 2009). In this way, ELL standards and assessment can actually be positively affected by standards-based instruction.

The various standards of both traditional academics and English Language Learning can, if used in conjunction with each other, promote motivation and lead to higher levels and rates of success. Students receiving proper content-based instruction that encourages the development of English skills but understands the standards that each ELL student should be held to can provide learning environments that allow these students to excel in standards-based assessments (SIOP 2009). Conversely, an attitude that elements of the different sets of standards are in unavoidable opposition to each other will yield no methods for improving education and ultimately fail the student in both educational goals (Gottlieb 2004). Clearly, the better an instructor's understanding of the various standards and practices of regular academic instruction and of English Language Learning, the more effective that instructor will be at achieving a synthesis of these standards and practices and so promoting progress in ELL students.


Standards-based instruction still has some inefficiencies to be worked out, s will any educational system, or indeed any system at all. Yet current research shows that the implementation of standards-based instruction in traditional classrooms and in ELL settings can yield much higher academic achievement and fewer difficulties if implemented correctly. Mishandled, it is true that such practices can be cumbersome and inhibitive for both teachers and students. Properly understood, however, such standards become invaluable tools for ELL instructors.


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