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In addition to this fairly traditional system of performance evaluation, weekly anonymous surveys will be distributed to all employees asking for positive and/or negative feedback regarding co-workers and supervisors, allowing all team members the opportunity to single out individuals for what they feel are exemplary achievements or behaviors/attitudes that might require adjustment. This provides a true team voice to the performance evaluations without identifying individuals who reported or received negative co-worker feedback, which would almost certainly be detrimental to the values of teamwork and cooperation that are so essential to Pumps For All's success. The anonymous evaluations will be collected and reviewed by department heads and/or other selected company officers as a means of identifying patterns of either positive or negative performance.

Career Planning

Room for advancement and personal growth, including increased responsibility and increased compensation, is a necessary attribute for any company that wishes to retain real talent and build a solid team-oriented workforce. Not only does there need to be an established procedure and plan for creating such opportunities for employees at all levels of the Pumps For All organization, but the availability of such opportunities and the specific expectations and requirements for advancement should be clearly and regularly communicated to employees. This will serve not only to mitigate employees to greater levels of productivity and advancement, but will also increase the cohesions of the team spirit being fostered at the company.

The career plan program will be based largely on the performance evaluations compiled by company officers and department heads and delivered to each individual employee at the above-mentioned bi-monthly meetings. These evaluations are intended to be detailed and multi-faceted enough to allow for specific recommendations regarding advancement not opportunities, rather than a simple (and largely ineffective) "thumbs-up, thumbs-down" approach. That is, performance evaluations will consist of far more than a positive or negative review, but will cover in detail the different tasks, attitudes, and behaviors engaged in by each employee, enabling the determination of proper and effective positions for each employee higher in the hierarchy of the company, as they become available and as they are earned. The appropriate attitudes and skill sets for each position will be made explicitly clear to all those who might aspire to such positions, allowing for conscious efforts towards attaining advancement goals and methods for understanding that achievement or the lack thereof.

Discipline and Dismissal

Unfortunately, no system of employee motivation and satisfaction creation can ever be perfect, and Pumps For All will undoubtedly encounter situations where reduced motivation, productivity, and/or attitudinal challenges will necessitate the discipline and even the termination of employees. Egregious examples of unethical and/or illegal behavior will be dealt with quite quickly and with absolutely no compromise, and as such they hardly need to be discussed here. Other interpersonal and work-related issues are more complex, however.

When drops in motivation, productivity, or appropriate work attitudes are first noticed, private consultations with between the employee and a supervisor or department head that is both trusted by the employee and that is intimately familiar with their work will be the initial step in the disciplinary process. Discussion regarding changed environments or perceptions will be utilized in an attempt to correct the problem, and a reminder of company policies and expectations will also be stated in a way that reinforces the employee's perception of their occupation while making it clear that toleration for aberrance is limited. Should such problems continue, a more formal review including necessary company officers and supervisors will take place, and will include concrete expectations of task performance and obligations, as well as the possibility of sanctions such as unpaid leave or demotions where necessary, still with a mind to returning the employee to their position if the problem(s) can be solved. If the situation continues to deteriorate, termination will be unavoidable for the health and success of the organization as a whole.


Pumps For All hopes to continue in its position of industry leadership in the liquid movement sector, and to do so it will need to hire and retain the top talent in the field. The company has a proven track record in this area, and the above listed procedures and policies will help to maintain this record of excellence. Through building a strong team that works together as one, Pumps For All will continue to succeed.[continue]

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