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Trip to Ireland

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and create a dream trip to Ireland. Shaara. Specifically, it will include the plan for a trip, including all the necessary arrangements a trip like this would entail. I have always dreamed of visiting Ireland because my family has roots there, and because I love the history of the place, and would love to see it first hand. I want to see as many of the castles and countryside as I possibly can, and of course, take in a pub or two! I also would like to stay in bed and breakfasts as much as possible, because I would enjoy seeing the countryside as opposed to the city, and getting to know the people a little more. I will drive or take the bus as much as possible throughout the country so I can experience it first hand and close up. Ireland is an island situated west of England and Scotland. It is made up of the Republic of Ireland to the South and West, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, in the North. The country is lush and green most of the year, and made up of rivers, woodlands, meadows, some mountain areas in Connemara, and rugged seashores. Ireland looks beautiful in pictures, and I cannot wait to experience it first hand.

I will be leaving Los Angeles on January 14 at 5:00pm via AerLingus on a non-stop flight, and will arrive in Dublin at 11:05 January 15. The fair, including taxes, round trip, will be $371.36. When I arrive in Dublin, I will take the airport bus to the Four Courts Hostel on the River Liffey. Large dorm rooms there are $15 per night, and include linens and a continental breakfast. I will stay in Dublin three nights. It is located in the city center, and close to many of the things to do and see in Dublin. After I check in, I will take the double-decker bus tour that travels all around Dublin. It will give me an idea of what I would like to see and do the next few days. Called 'Hop on Hop Off,' you can get on and off anywhere for one fare of about two dollars. Since I slept on the plane, I feel ready to begin my adventure, so during the bus tour, I will stop at the National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street for some background and a look at Irish history. The entrance fee for students is $1.50. This should take up the rest of the afternoon, and I'll take the bus back to the hostel, freshen up, and spend the evening in Temple Bar, enjoying the pubs and nightlife.

A plan to spend about $30.00 for food and beverage for the evening.

The next day will be full. I plan to visit the Jameson Distillery for a free tour of their whiskey distillery after I have free continental breakfast at the hostel. I will take the 'Hop on Hop Off' bus to Jameson's, and then continue from there to the Dublin Writer's Museum. Entrance fees are $5.00 for students. I will spend at least an hour or two at the museum, and then I plan to simply walk around the area, enjoy a light lunch in a pub, (a pub lunch), and enjoy the area, then walk across the river to see Trinity College. I expect to spend about $20.00 for the lunch and a beverage and what not. By this time, I should be ready to relax, so I'll head back to the hostel and nap, then head out to Temple Bar for the evening.

My final day in Dublin I will see the National Gallery of Ireland after a continental breakfast. The gallery is free, and on the weekends, they have free guided tours. After spending a few hours at the gallery, I will visit St. Stephens Green and the Shelbourne, to see how the upper class visit Dublin! Then I will visit Dublin Castle, a must-see according to the tour books (Avison 20). Then, I will go check out of the hostel, and place my luggage in a locker, because my bus does not leave until 9:00pm for my trip west to Galway. The student fare is $12 one way.

A arrive in Galway about midnight, and have warned the innkeeper that I am a late arrival. In Galway, I will be staying at the Petra, which is located about 10 minutes from the city center in Newcastle in a rustic home. It is a B & B. For $30 per night for a shared room, and I will be staying in Galway four nights. I will go directly to my room, and find my way around in the morning.

My first morning in Galway I take the local bus (under a pound) to the city center, and then take a walking tour of downtown Galway with beautiful views of Galway Bay. I'm particularly interested in seeing the Spanish Arch, which commemorates the Spanish sailors who traded wine and other items with the Irish up until 1584 or so, when the English banned the trade. There is also a small museum near the arch that is free of charge. I will also stop by the tourist office downtown for a schedule of what is going on in Galway this week. I will spend the afternoon browsing in the shops and having tea in one of the teashops downtown. I will have a light dinner later while I take in some of the nightspots for young people that are in downtown Galway, then head back to my room.

The next day, I'll have breakfast at the Inn, and then head south to the Burren on the busses available. This is a barren and rocky area along the Irish shore that is unusual because of the many potholes and fractures in the topography. It will take the entire day to see the area with a tour, and then return to Galway in the evening for dinner and some pubbing.

The third day in Galway, I plan to tour some of the castles in the area, including Aughnanure Castle, outside Oughterard, which is a restored, 16th century castle. The beautiful countryside on the way to the castle is part of the attraction, and the castle has a bus which leaves from Galway every morning. We will pass the Balllycurke Lough and Ross Lake with a ruined castle on its shore along the way, and I am really looking forward to seeing some of the Irish countryside. This tour will again take most of the day, so I'll hit the nightspots when I return, then return to my room.

For my last day in Galway, I'll spend it packing and getting ready for the return bus trip, which leaves in the afternoon, and arrives back in Dublin in the early evening. I will then board my flight home, and along with my dad's digital camera I took along, my head will be filled with the memories of my trip. I want to get to know my hosts in Galway, and learn more about the Irish people and their beautiful country during my adventure in Ireland, and I hope I can do that, and come in under budget!

Breakdown of Expenses:

Passport $85.00

Airfare Round Trip 371.76

Dublin Hostel

Hop on Hop Off Bus

Entrance Fees

Dining 150.00

Bus Fare (Round Trip Galway)

Galway Inn 120.00

Shopping in Galway

Dining 150.00

Busses and tours 100.00

Taxes 100.00 found that I really didn't need to worry much about the exchange rate, because everyone in Ireland takes the new Euro, and it's value is quite close to the U.S. dollar, so my money is worth about the same as it is here, and nearly all the prices are given in Euro dollars, making it simple to figure out costs.

I have really enjoyed planning this trip, and one thing I found very interesting was the cuisine of Ireland. We tend to think it is corned beef, cabbage, and green beer, but there is really much more to their food. Because of the English influence in Ireland, many restaurants and facilities serve afternoon tea, and there are many American chain restaurants available, such as "Planet Hollywood," but to have a true Irish experience you need to check out the pubs and restaurants of the area. Of course, I'll be trying the local beers, such as Guinness and Harps, but I also hope to find more local breweries and try some of their output in the pubs of the areas. The Temple Bar area in Dublin is a known hangout for young people, and there are some great, cheap restaurants in the area, including the Bad Ass Cafe, the Elephant and Castle, and the Boxty House. Boxty is a type of Irish potato pancake, and this restaurant specializes in them (Avison 28). In Galway, the seafood…[continue]

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