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Debates over the legalization of marijuana have existed for a long time in my community. As people foresee the possibility of its legalization shortly as it has happened in other states, it is appropriate for use to weigh the benefits and demerits of the eventuality in our society. The overall shift from illegal sales onto market-based systems will inevitably open floodgates to different users.

There are many pros in the legalization of marijuana to the community. Prohibition should be weighed against personal freedom losses. Many nations uphold the responsibility of respecting an individual's free will and self-determination rights. Immorality was resulting from marijuana use six mostly based on individual sets of moral beliefs (Martin, Rosenthal & Carter, 2011). Taking moral stands against the implementation of recreational drugs or fight against the evils arising from illegal drug trade increases their popularity among users. Besides, the War on illegal drugs serves immediate interests of administrative and political persons. The moral stand on the use of recreational medicines and evil deeds leads to increased usage and retention among constituents. Most legal prohibition does not stop the consumers from making drastic consumption of drugs without having to stop traffickers from selling and producing it. The prices of final products continue to increase abnormally and at very high values due to black market channels (Johnson, 2009). Together with powerful drug addiction effects causes the users to participate in criminal activities to fund such addictions.

Further, 'War on Drugs' critics advocate for the complete or partial decriminalization of such illegal drugs coupled with systems of continuous regulation. This compares to the success story of managing alcohol and other prescription drugs. Provision of legal supplies to serve the current illegal drugs will lead to a fall in prices leading to collapses of the illicit drug industry. The reduction in crimes has been committed to drug users and suppliers. They argue that reducing the prices will result in reduced drug addiction levels. The inelasticity of demand has affected the state in which strict market regulations and drug use fail to remove the marketing activities and illegal drug industry. It does not engage the law in forbidding people from making willingness and exposure of their bodies and harm from drug use more than by bungee jumping or overeating. Obesity has been a national epidemic that has killed millions of people each year even though the government does not have a right of regulating the eating habits of citizens (Ditchfield & Thomas, 2014).

Drug users practice free will in choosing to use drugs while other persons have rights of giving up their freedom. Governments do not have rights of dictating the practice. However, drugs do not eliminate free will. It is important to quit the use of medicines. Most banned drugs have significantly less deleterious with free will as compared…

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