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Bidens Immigration Policies

President Joe Bidens immigration policy is based on reversing the majority of the immigration policies of Trumps administration on the same. Joe Bidens first day in the office involved a reversal of most of the former administrations policies under former president Trump. Together with the Department of Homeland Security under Alejandro Mayorkas leadership, Bidens administration intensely reined immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) deportation practices and prioritized national security. Immigration has been a significant source of cultural change and population growth in the United States. This has made it have a significant immigrant population compared to other countries. The following are the policies under Bidens Immigration Bill (Hiestand, 2021).

The Border Wall

This involved the proclamation in terminating the emergency regarding the United States Southern Border, and the funds shifted to the borders construction wall redirected. Soon after Joe Bidens inauguration, he halted the construction of the Mexican border wall, stating that the funds would be reallocated. The main strength of this policy is a remedy to the cultural and environmental destruction brought about by the wall construction since borderland, including sacred sites, had been dried and destroyed during the construction. The main weakness of this policy is that the United States, without the construction of the border wall, will be left insecure and open to threats (Hiestand, 2021). This would potentially happen since the border would be left open for non-citizens of the United States, including those whose primary interest is criminal activities such as human and drug trafficking. The two administrations have varying approaches regarding this policy. According to Biden, as much as the US needs to protect its citizens from threats and secure its borders, the walls construction is not a serious policy solution. Trumps administrations argument mainly came from an economic and the United States security perspective.

Travel Ban

This constitutes the ending of the discriminatory bans on individuals entering the United States, lifting certain travel restrictions on immigrant visas for individuals from countries including Tanzania, Syria, Eritrea, Iran, and Venezuela, among other nine countries, mainly of the Muslim religion. The strength of this policy is that it allows the selected countries to resume processing visas for their nationals and ensure pending waivers and visa applications are not discriminated against. This could have positive impacts, particularly on the countrys economic growth. The main weakness of this policy is the impact it would have on the United States treasury since the immigrants coming into the United States would also have access to benefits including earned income tax credit, Medicaid, food stamps, and public education. This treasury would…time to apply for permanent residency. The memorandum further directs the Department of Homeland Security Secretary to ensure that the nationals experience timely adjudication to apply the LRIF benefits and ease of application. The strength of this policy is that the nationals of the designated countries are offered protection from deportation and are also allowed to work, thereby contributing towards the economic growth by the provision of labor and directly contributing to the economy by purchasing goods and services (Hiestand, 2021). However, the limitation of this policy is that the nationals are not automatically allowed to make trips abroad and can only do so with advance parole. Even though the president may give directives, including travel authorization, the DED holders must have advance parole approval if they seek to travel abroad. A recommendation is that the DED holders are extended the timeline as they seek permanent residence and possibly a policy that can allow them to travel abroad without advance parole. Again, the former administrations approach to immigration based on this policy defers from that of Joe Bidens administration, especially since Trump moved to terminate this policy considered immigrant humanitarian protection and relief. The policy is further considered a life-saving immigration program. Bidens decision to reinstate the program indicates his belief in humanity extended to…

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Hiestand, E. Pinochet as a Fourth Critical Juncture. Beyond Politics 2021 Editorial Board, 90.

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