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Another state in the U.S., Utah, after the law enforcement which was delayed by the Arizona court, this state has adopted another option regarding the immigration policy for the state. The governor of the state said that Utah is not a state where the illegal immigrants can move and have jobs without having the fear for being deported, this is how should be (MSNBC, 2010).The Utah has a different model by which it is able to handle the immigration problem in the state. The government of Utah accepts the reality that there are more than 10 million immigrants in the state which cannot deported, therefore they have provided with the rough draft and plan to enforce the program by which the immigrants will be legal. For the current purpose, the Utah has introduced the guest worker law (Foner, 2005).

As the above discussion emphasizes on the various aspects of the laws that were and are supposed to be enforce, but immigrants and illegal immigrants have been the biggest problem for the country, therefore the Washington needs to step ahead to have to do something about it by having a strong and comprehensive law and policy related to the immigration.

The both states are looking up for Washington to allow them to implement and reinforce what they have created, the Utah state wants to implement the law for guest worker, and in Arizona despite the fact that the law has been delayed, there are suffering from the similar problem and they will and have to take some serious step sooner (Bommes & Geddes, 2000).

The major source for the population growth for U.S. is the immigration, which has resulted in...


Apart from the many benefits that a country can avail from the immigration policy, the different factors of immigration like economic, social and political aspects have resulted in huge controversies like ethnicity, economic benefits and jobs and crime rate is also being raised. People arriving legally or illegal in the country are getting the full benefit as the natives are getting, therefore, these days this particular issue has been converted into hype as a result, many states have started making their own laws for the immigration.


As the above report includes the attempt by the Arizona government in order to arrest and deport all the immigrants which are staying illegally, and on the other hand the Utah which after learning from the case of Arizona wants to implement the guest worker law, and still looking up to Washington. The issue cannot be resolved in this matter, the government should take a comprehensive step by which it can remove the issue and make the natives more superior than the immigrants.


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