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civil war on the American economics, military and diplomatic ties. The paper will discuss the effects of the victory of the Unions and the defeat of the Confederates.

Civil War

The victory of the North in the American Civil War put an end to slavery and to the South's effort to secede from the Union. The years during which the Civil War settlement continued to be contested are known as the Reconstruction period. Reconstruction lasted roughly from the end of the war in April 1865 to the withdrawal of the last federal troops from the South in April 1877.

Effects of Civil War

The most important result of the Civil War was the liberation of nearly 4 million Southern slaves. The sudden release of so many people would have been a tremendous problem even in an atmosphere free from the bitterness that had been created by a civil war. Postwar demobilization of the victorious Union army occurred at such a rapid rate that soon after the Civil War there was only a token occupation force in the South.…

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