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Communication: Arguments

What is the communication problem?

When two cultures meet, both are likely to be ethnocentric. Those from the United States, try to find similarities in the other cultures with that of their own. Brazil as a country is unique in many ways. It is stated that what was considered non-fashionable in U.S. -- for example being fat is taken as natural in Brazil. (Palka, 2006) Thus in that culture messages regarding body fitness may have a different meaning than in the weight and figure conscious U.S.. The culture of the U.S. will enter into all communications that emanates from the country. As a result it is possible that the communication development as seen from the U.S. angle may not match those that are at the receiving end in Brazil and vice versa. The historical reason is that Brazil is yet to develop its economy. There is a lot of social inequality, with a small privileged class, well educated and in charge of resources. This socio-economic pyramid, has given access to a very few elite to communication channels including the cyber culture. Though there are many telecommunication centers, IT structures, and computer programs in schools, the communication infrastructure is still not developed for all and even the internet is limited to the affluent. (Pretto; Bailey, 2010)

The communication channels in other media like TV are also limited to lesser persons, as compared to radio, and the means of information still remains the radio and TV. (Pretto; Bailey, 2010) Mass communication thus is restricted on account of infrastructure, language and expression differences and understanding between the cultures of both countries. The verbal and visual communication to Brazil, if it is to be effective has to be in these common media. Likewise person to person communication may have its own setbacks on account of the language barrier and the ensuing cultural differences and understanding. The nonverbal communication thus also plays a very crucial role.

There can be factors that affect communication other than verbal communication. For example Gestures that the Americans use may have different significance in Brazil. The custom of Brazil thus creates a barrier even in visual and oral communication for Americans. In researching the fact, that nonverbal communications may influence and understanding of the conversation may largely depend on the understanding of the nonverbal communications. There are nonverbal communications that take place and are often neglected in the study of the effect of communication.

According to Portch (1985) the body communicates constantly both verbally and nonverbally. Though the nonverbal communication in this context cannot be observed, some common elements that could have implications in the conversation given for analysis can be seen by analyzing the non-verbal cues. This is also a part of the communication differences that would arise between the persons of the two countries. Secondly even Brazilians in the U.S. may have developed communication strategies and interpreting of…

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