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Drug Use in Adolescents

The author of this report has been charged with writing a brief scholarly report with a few key components. The author of this report has been asked to select a topic of interest. That selected topic shall be substance and drug abuse in adolescents. As part of this scholarly report, there will be three major components. The first will be a description of the area of interest and why the author of this report is interested in it. Second, there will be a brief literature review with scholarly sources that cover that same topic. Finally, there will be a reflection and reaction to the literature review including whether there was agreement, how the author of this report perceives the involved paradigm(s) and so forth. While many kids avoid the pitfalls and negative outcomes of drug use and abuse, many fall prey sometimes or many times and the results can be quite tragic and damaging.


The author of this report chose substance abuse in adolescents because it is a problem that is becoming ever-increasing and widely damaging in its scopes and its overall effects. Indeed, one can include substances that are sometimes legal (e.g. alcohol, marijuana, etc.) and other substances that are always considered illicit (e.g. heroin, crack, etc.). There is also the rising use and abuse of prescription pills
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of certain types like certain cough medicines, painkillers, anxiety medications and so forth. The author of this report has seized on this topic because it is becoming more and more of an epidemic and the activity's common comorbidity with psychological and other problems is quite pervasive when it comes to talking of youths that are incarcerated or otherwise experiencing life distress.

The first source consulted for this literature review was offered by Jaynes (2014) and it centers on the usage of Social Disorganization theory when it comes to educators and how they can prevent drug use and abuse among teenagers. Jaynes notes that drug use in teenagers causes a litany of negative outcomes including interpersonal problems, familial problems and issues with grades and scholastic achievement. While teachers and other educators can only do so much when it comes to preventing teenage drug use, they are certainly a cog in the machine and they can play a role per the words of Jaynes (Jaynes, 2014). Earlier in this document, the author of this report made an allusion to the fact that drug use and mental problems are quite often co-existing and co-aggravating in some people. In other words, a person that abuses drugs will often end up experiencing psychological problems and the same can happen in reverse. Of course, many drugs actively cause mental problems and episodes such as alcohol drunkenness and being high on prescription pills that are intentionally taken to excess. Santisteban et al.…

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