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The 'use' of language while the student learns is just as important as the quality of learning provided because without functional real-life use of the English Language there is no real grasp of the language and therefore the student might learn and yet not retain that learning. There are many activities that the teacher is able to use in the learning environment that not only assist the ESL learner but serve to educate students already in full grasp of English about other languages and cultures effectively pulling the ESL student into the activities and putting all students at ease in the learning environment. Social learning of the English language, or in fact in learning any language is very important as social...


Responsibilities of the Teacher and School for the ESL Student

It is the responsibility of the teacher and school to provide the best possible learning environment and instructional opportunities for each student in the school and this is the same in view of the ESL students so that they are able to successfully advance through grades, graduate, go on to higher education or successfully gain employment and secure a future in the work world and community. These students fall under the inclusion standards and are educated in the same classroom with students who are speakers and readers of the English Language. As described in the previous section of this work, while this is a difficult task for the teacher at times, the teacher can use inclusion to the advantage of the learning of the ESL student.


Stevens, Vance (2006) Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments" Online line available at http://tesl-ef.org/ej34/int.html.

English as a Second Language: Language Beliefs

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Stevens, Vance (2006) Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Environments" Online line available at http://tesl-ef.org/ej34/int.html.

English as a Second Language: Language Beliefs

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