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¶ … letter to explain my absence from recent classes.

The reason for my absence is that I had an accident that left me with a broken leg, as well as injuries to my shoulder and head. I was admitted to the hospital last week and was just discharged on Monday, October 12th.

The effects of my injuries are an ongoing issue for me. I was able to attend Dr. Lee's class yesterday (Oct. 13th), but I was unable to complete the school day because of pain. I was also having some issues with my crutches that compromised my mobility. I am struggling with the crutches because of the shoulder injury, which has left me unable to properly balance my left side.

To resolve this issue, I will be receiving replacement crutches today (Oct. 14th), and hopefully that will restore my mobility. I expect that if the new crutches work that I will be able to speak to Mr. Lee in person regarding my absences. I have also scheduled appointments with the International Office and the Office of the Dean of Students in order to discuss my course load. This will be important because I am now behind in my coursework and need to ensure that I am time to both recover properly and still be able to maintain my academic progress.

I appreciate the time and support that you have given me so far. I am working on a plan to get caught up, and look forward to discussing my options further, so that I can effectively balance my recovery with my coursework.


Personal Statement

I am writing this statement...


I believe that I will be an excellent fit for this program, in part because of the skills that I have demonstrated thus far in my academic career, and in part because I come from a family of engineers. This family history not only shows that I have the background and innate ability to succeed in engineering, but that I will have a lot of people around me to guide me and mentor me throughout the Biomedical Engineering program. This is a challenging program, but in my case I am surrounded by the right people to ensure that I will be a top contributor to the program.

My father is an engineer, and three of my siblings are as well. One of my brothers actually works for a medical device reselling company, so the experiences of some of the people in my immediate circle are directly applicable to the material in this program. My family upbringing has instilled in me the strong work ethic needed to thrive in a demanding biomedical engineering program, and they will be able to help me any time I need assistance. This sort of support will be essential to my success in the program.

In addition, I have been…

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