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Organizational Analysis and SWOT

Human resource is one of the most important departments within any organization that relies heavily on human capital and its subsequent development. Human resources allow organizations to attract, train, and retain top talent from an often-limited employee base. This department through the aid of executive management also can help set wage levels, salaries, and other elements within an employees overall benefits package. In addition, human resources also have the major responsibility of keeping those employees working for the firm, motivated and engages. This is done through continual education courses and other training opportunities designed to keep employee skills relevant in a dynamic marketplace. Due to the overall importance of the human resources department to the prosperity of the overall organization, it is important to conduct periodic evaluations. These evaluations allow executives to properly course correct in the event that new improvements need to be made to the department to become competitive in the marketplace. One such method is the SWOT analysis which will form the basis of the current report. Here we will evaluate the attributes of a non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon. Through this evaluation, the aim is to build on current strengths while also providing feedback on how to properly mitigate weaknesses within the organization.

To begin, the non-profit organization provides in home skilled nursing care for fragile children and young adults. The company leverages the skills of Registered Nurses, and Practical Nurses to provide critical services to these impacted communities. The organization has a total of 77 employees, with a majority of the staff consisting of nurses that provide direct care to the clients. There are a total of 63 direct care nurses, 27% are baby boomers, 23% are generation X, and 50% are millennials, the organization does not have any traditionalist employed currently. The administrative team is almost equally split, with 35% baby boomers, 30% generation X, and 35% millennials. As the organization is non-profit,...


In addition, the organization is relatively lean, which further lowers expenses related to human capital and benefits (Mathis, 2014).

From a strengths perspective, the organization boasts strong collaboration between HR and many of the other department leads. This provide strong teamwork and efficiencies as the flow of information related to human resources is consistent and personable. In addition, this provides the HR department with constant feedback as it relates to leadership and HR needs. In addition, through this collaboration between departments leads, evaluations are conducted in a fair, unbiased and ethically manner. These evaluations provide management with clear insights as to career-pathing within the organization and its overall impact on the organization as a whole. As a non-profit organization, the company is in a unique position to offer competitive salary and benefits. This allows it to compete for human capital much more effectively than its non-profit peers. It also allows the company to better compete with for-profit organizations as well. Through comparable salaries, benefits and wages, the organization can effectively element that compensation element within a new hires design matrix and compete based on other intangible elements (Dessler, 2014). As a non-profit, these intangible attributes often provide the organization with a hiring advantage as many new hires want to feel as though they are making a difference in the lives of others. As the organization works directly with fragile children and adults, new hires have a great opportunity to positively impact the futures of many individuals. Finally, as a non-profit, the organization is not subject to many of the rigorous and mechanical standards of for-profit institutions. Instead, the organization can focus on the benefit to society as oppose to the overall profit potential of the franchise. This allows the organization to have a much more relaxed operating environment predicated solely on serving the client as oppose to simply profit.

Weaknesses of the organization pertain mainly to the lack of HR personnel and its impact on the organization as a whole. As the HR department is relatively small, the ratio between employees and the HR personnel is high. This creates complications with adequately serving the needs of the entire organization, as employees are often stretched too thin. Due to the lack of available personnel, critical elements such as requirement and training are diminished. This ultimately lowers the competitive position of the organization relative to other non-profits who are vying for the same talent pool. With minimal post hiring training, services rendered by the organization also suffer as employee skills become adequately relative to the needs of their customers. This could further compound on itself leading to higher turnover and higher costs to the organization as employees leave for organization that can better provide these services. Finally, a weakness of the organization is lack of…

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