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Customers' Satisfaction in Nigerian Telecommunication Industry

Nigerian telecommunication industry has developed to become increasingly competitive since various companies have enhanced their strategies and focus on gaining more subscribers. The various telecommunication companies have not only created new products and services for customers but also adopted aggressive marketing strategies that are largely centered on the needs, wants, and preferences of customers. Therefore, one of the major factors for the growth and success of telecommunication companies in Nigeria is customers' satisfaction. Customers' satisfaction in this industry is strongly linked to meeting their needs, wants, and preferences. In light of the competitiveness of Nigerian telecommunication industry, this research proposal is for examining customers' satisfaction based on the case of MTN and Etisalat Nigeria.

Background of the Research Issue

As previously mentioned the Nigerian telecommunication industry has become more competitive as companies develop new products and services and adopt aggressive marketing strategies (Egena, 2013, p.1). Telecommunication companies in Nigeria have adopted these strategies given the recognition of the significance of customer satisfaction to business success, growth, and profitability. Actually, competitive advantage in this sector is achieved through identifying and satisfying customers' needs in an intelligent manner. Once these needs are identified, companies need to act quicker and better their competitors while focusing on sustained customer satisfaction through delivery of better service quality. Given the recent trends, Nigerian telecommunications companies like MTN and Etisalat have...


These companies not only focus on acquiring new customers but emphasize delighting and retaining their current customers.

On the other hand, customers in Nigerian telecommunications industry have become more concerned with service quality, which is crucial to their loyalty and satisfaction. According to Ojo (2010), service quality is important in this industry because it provides the basis for establishing the relationship between customers and the organization (p.88). Customers' satisfaction is more likely to be achieved when a telecommunication company provides better service quality as compared to other competitors.

While telecommunication companies have identified these important determinants of customer satisfaction, customers have raised complaints and dissatisfaction with service quality and delivery. Despite the significant growth and expansion of this industry, customers have lamented poor service and are increasingly dissatisfied (Abdul, Salman & Olota, 2014, p.139). Therefore, it's crucial to understand why customers are dissatisfied regardless of the numerous attempts made by these companies to improve service quality and delivery.

Statement of the Research Problem

Nigerian telecommunication companies have identified the significance of customer satisfaction and loyalty in promoting business success and growth. Companies in this sector continue to develop new kinds of products and services that are geared towards satisfying customers and building the brand. Moreover, these business organizations have engaged in various marketing initiatives to help build brand loyalty and enhance satisfaction among their subscribers. However, many customers in the Nigerian telecommunication industry have complained about service quality to an extent that some of them switch from one company to the next or end up using several operators at the same time (Oghojafor, Ladipo, Ighomereho & Odunewu, 2014, p.67). In essence, service quality in this industry is still poor, which indicates a gap between current strategies adopted by Nigerian telecommunication companies and the level of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


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