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Presenting Problem

Demographic information entails examining family structures and person changes into and out of different kinds of households, known as family demography. In the family of TB, it constituted of 4 in number that is TB who was the father, the wife, and their two children who were boys. TB was 39 years, and the two children were 10 and 14 years respectively, whereas the wifes age was not indicated. TB married his wife in 2010 and separated in 2018. Comparing the age of their children with the duration they are in a marriage means they used to have sexual affairs before they were married, since the age of their firstborn is more than the duration they have been in marriage. There is no information regarding whether the family of TB has a relationship with other family members. After their eight years in marriage, they separated and divorced for three years, after which afterward the client reconciled with his wife.

Regarding the employment history of the family of TB, he was working and could provide for the family well before the divorce. Until he started being involved in affairs, he could not provide for the family well. Financial issues lead to divorce (Pace, 2019), and most spouses separate and decide to let go of their aspirations simply because coping with financial hardship in marriage has taken its toll.

There was unfaithfulness about relevant legal problems with the use of finances. TB startedsettingaside some of his pay in 2018to have a separate budget for the staff he loved, leading to greater issues. The other legal problem was when TB was involved in an affair, a passionate and emotionally intense connection with someone who was not his wife; hence this led to a three-year separation.

The history of counseling started when the client was involved in affairs and could not provide for the family. The wife tried to seek advice for the sake of her husband. This continued towards their separation when the counseling could not make sense, even after the client separated from his wife. It continued after three years upon their reconciliation time and even afterward when they could not cope together.

According to the clients, the reasons for counseling are that separation counseling is done on an individualized basis in most cases. Regret, dread, worry, melancholy, sorrow, and humiliation are common sentiments experienced by TBand his wife, who wentthrough a separation. Seeing a therapist provided TB and his wifewith a goaland reasonable viewpoint and even the necessary tools to deal with the challenges of separation they had, like the affairs and finance. Separation counseling enables the client and his wifeto understand themselves better and perceive the life change as an opportunity for individual development andgrowth (The Family enhancement, 2021). In addition, the clientthought that he might be able to understand more about their private nature and qualities through counseling and understand more about what they want and seek from a marriage. The client thought that separation counseling is also beneficial to those separated since it will help them be best equipped to dissolve their marriage (Cherry, 2021) positively. A counselor can act as a facilitator and provide advice to guarantee that the separation is completed with the least amount of hate and emotional harm possible. The client may have peace upon ending their marriage after the reunion.

The onset of concern started when the client engaged in the affairs in 2018. Time did not elapse so much because, in the same year, they separated when the wife knew that her husband had affairs and could not provide financial needs of the house. About the Frequency and the intensity of the symptoms, depression is a significant mental health disease that makes it difficult for the clientto keep functioning. However, its severity varies. Depression manifested itself to the client in a gentle, intense, and frequentway since he could not even have peace after they reunited with his wife.The client hadeven more severe symptoms and lasted longer than someone suffering from light depression even after the reunion.

The client wanted to improve peace despite being depressed so that he mightunderstand what motivates his existence. It will also make himset goals, be happy, and provide peace and contentment in his depressingsituation. It will also help him forget what heformerly considered significant yet only ruined his life.

Family structure.

About the family origin and role within, the clients family created a place where they learnedto be who they are. His family learnedhow to interact, process emotions, and meet theirdemands. The clients family also influenced their attitudes and ideas when they were at peace and even after the family separated.The clients family had roles within whereby they had ethicaland excellent boys. They seemed to behigh performerswho werethe familys delight and went overboard to prevent seeming or feeling inferior. In addition, the client alsotries to maintain harmony in the family structure. He seems tobe a savior whereby even after their reunion, he still lacks peace and seeks to end their marriage to regain peace; thus, heseems to bein charge of the familys emotional work to keep the peace.

The recurring and constant methods in which the client connected with and behaved towards his wife is known as a relationship pattern. All relationships are included, starting from when the TB met his spouse his friends, who helped him with…finance. Separation counseling enabled the client and his wifeto understand themselves better and perceive the life change as an opportunity for individual development andgrowth. In addition, the clientthought that he might be able to understand more about their private nature and qualities through counseling and understand more about what they want and seek from a marriage.

DSM -5 Diagnosis.

It involves acquiring information to better comprehend a clients situation and combining it with information symptoms like excessive guilt, weight gain, loss of interest in the marriage, fatigue, and decreased concentration (American Psychiatric Association, 2019). It assisted public servants and other mental health professionals in better understanding the clients and directing the therapies based on data symptoms the client had after they divorced his wife. It also helped goal-setting, therapy planning, and establishing a clients outlook after separating from his wife and having a major depressive disorder.

The diagnosis was determined since after the bereavement exclusion in the DSM-5underwent substantial revision. Previously, mjor depressive disorder, which the client had, could never be diagnosed, but this allowed DSM-5 to be used since the clients symptoms lasted more than two months. DSM -5 Diagnosis contains a new description, extended disorder, and additional symptom indicators that enabledoctors to specify the existence or background of symptoms identity the client had (American Psychiatric Association, 2019). Thediagnosiscriteria were based on theestablished symptoms that the client had. The DSM-IV-TR specifier was used since the client had two or more symptoms. In addition, since doctors commonly noted certain anxiety symptoms in their clients with severe depressive illness, this specifier was included.

The dexamethasone suppression test and genomic methods of diagnosis were considered (Smith et al., 2013). They were ruled out because the dexamethasone suppression test has been cumbersome for patients and has poor clinical performance when it comes to assessing depression, which could have inconvenienced the client. The genomic method of diagnosis only asses the genes and could not help the client whose symptoms came from separation (Smith et al., 2013). Another diagnosis is a physical exam whereby the clients doctorconducteda physical examination and asked the clienthealth-related inquiries since depression may be connected to an underlying physical health issue in some circumstances. This diagnosis was ruled out since, depending on the clients symptoms was not related to health but was a result of separation.

The mental health assessment used was Geritric Depression Scale (Maurer et al., 2018) because it detects depressive symptoms in elderly individuals like the client. The other one was PHQ-2 was (Maurer et al., 2018), also considered a diagnosis since it inquiries the occurrence of a depressed state and feelings of hopelessness in the last two weeks and is intended to be used as a…

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