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As an advanced practice nurse, what are three actions you can take to mitigate social impacts on marginalized women?

Marginalized women, in many instances, experience devastating social impacts like discrimination, persistent illnesses, and malnutrition. An advanced nurse should therefore initiate actions that can mitigate such effects. One of the actions should be advocacy to push governments, states, and organizations to adopt policies that will protect marginalized women from social discrimination. Regrettably, from various research findings, it is established that states, national government, and local governments have put in place some policies that deny women fair opportunity to access medical care services. Therefore, it is paramount to solve such instances as an advanced nurse practitioner by availing healthcare services personalized to individual patient needs and requirements. Subsequently, developing a good relationship and trust with the women, thus, enabling convenient access of Medicare to them (Prodan?Bhalla, & Browne, 2019).

Furthermore, an advanced nurse is an influential personality; therefore, policymakers would take their advice seriously, allowing them to lobby for a change of policies that will protect and guard the rights of marginalized women to accessing healthcare services. Lastly, practicing nurses should also carry out research to understand varying underlying cultural and social origins of women's marginalization and possible remedies. Moreover, the study can also evaluate policies that advance women's discrimination and recommend friendly policies to women.

2.What role does policy at either government, state, or local level play in the marginalization of women and childbearing families?

According to findings, specific structural policies at the local levels deny women a fair opportunity to access healthcare services. For instance, some states have policies that hinder…to by the respective individuals encompassed within such policy. Equally, the policy stipulates how various things must be executed within its scope of authority (Prodan?Bhalla, & Browne, 2019). As a result, policies impact marginalized groups either negatively or positively depending on the nature of the policy. For instance, some policies that affect the marginalized negatively include; those policies that limit women's access to equal employment opportunities leading to increased poverty due to lack of income for most women (Baah et al. 2018).

On the other hand, some policies can also positively impact marginalized groups. For instance, programs such as Medicaid and Medicare result from favorable policies that enhance equal and universal access to healthcare services for all the citizens within the country. Therefore, policy developers should always attempt to develop positive impacts other than negative impacts (Daniel et…

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