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There are people who feel confident because they are wealthy or beautiful. But when it comes from within, from a place inside you that has grown with experience and some hard work, then it gives you a kind of security which doesn't need attitude at all. When I was a young person in a new school, things were not always positive for me. I couldn't speak the same language as everyone else and felt uncomfortable. Because of this, I often appeared silly or clumsy because I lacked confidence. It took me a good four to five years to finally reach a place where I felt comfortable with myself. But it wasn't until much later that I fully found the confidence in myself that I needed so badly.

But I am glad I worked on and for it. It was the constant working toward a goal that helped me be a person whose confidence can be seen and felt. I do not just feel confident, I exude confidence that people can easily sense. But managing confidence is important because a truly confident person is always at the risk of taking unnecessary risks. It is very common and therefore confidence should be used for positive purposes and must not be abused. It is truly an asset like wealth or health but can be abused since it makes a person feel so good about himself. For this reason, I have learned to manage confidence.

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