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On this front, I was instrumental in the identification of an existing opportunity for the company to further enhance its revenues through the sale of Bath Products. Today, thanks to my efforts and those of my colleagues, our company is regarded a model for all other distributors of bath products. Like it has been the case with my previous accomplishments, this particular event also presented me with a valuable learning opportunity. Amongst other things, I learnt that for a company to remain relevant in a highly competitive marketplace, it has to embrace innovation and continuous improvement.

In campus, I also had an opportunity to serve as a Peaceful Multicultural World Ambassador. As an Ambassador, I was part of a group that was offered training on how to formulate and develop strategies for enhancing not only the understanding but also the respect for various diverse groups on campus and in the world. I made use of the skills I acquired during the said training to facilitate group discussions on diversity issues within the university. This experience made me appreciate the need for diversity in a world that is increasingly becoming borderless.

My Career Goal for the Next 3-5 Years

There are a number of career goals I plan to accomplish in both the short-term and in the long-term. To begin with, I plan to advance my education so as to further sharpen my knowledge of best practices in my area of specialization and their application in the corporate world. It is for this reason that I am seeking admission to pursue a Master of Business program. In addition to this particular program, I also plan to enroll for short courses in strategic management and finance.

Further, I also look forward to gathering additional experience, especially with regard to the effective management of business operations in a fast-paced and dynamic marketplace. To survive in a fast-paced business environment, one has to understand the market and how it operates. This way, one can be able to develop strategies that are not only effective but also executable.

Next, I also have plans of launching a brand that I will market within the architectural and building solutions industry. I believe that given the cumulative experience I have gathered at my current workplace coupled with the additional skills I will have gathered in the classroom setting should my application to be considered for admission go through, the brand I plan to launch will be a huge success. It is also within the next 3-5 years that I hope to establish a robust distribution network for the brand I plan…

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