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Personal Statement: Why I want to study law

Ever since I was a young child, I have always wanted to study the law. Documents that have protected people's rights throughout the ages such as the United States Constitution and the Magna Carta seemed to me as sacred as the Bible. I always had an innate sense of justice and 'fairness.' I enjoy arguing and have never had any problems standing up for my rights in conversation or in life. I love to study politics, writing, economics, and other fields that are very pertinent to the study of law. I love the problem-solving and negotiating aspects of the legal profession, just as much as I am interested in its argumentative aspects.

I have a naturally ambitious and risk-taking temperament that I believe is well-suited to the practice of law. I enjoy traveling and have taken every opportunity life has offered me to do so. I have traveled on my own through Egypt, Turkey, and Crete. This underlines my naturally independent and curious nature. I am also very driven and detail-oriented which has enabled me to become fluent in Polish and English as well as gain a good understanding of conversational German and Russian. My love of languages and understanding of other cultures would enable me to succeed in international law and to work for companies that do business internationally.

At present I am working as a waitress. This job, although I do not consider it my life's vocation, has taught me a great deal about how to communicate effectively…

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