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¶ … medicine ever since childhood. My family background is the main cause for my interest in, and love for, the medical profession. Children are often asked what they wish to become after they grow up; while most girls aspire to be fashion designers, and boys aspire to become engineers, firefighters and bakers, I always knew that I wished to follow my father's example and become a doctor. Acquiring an MD degree (Doctor of Medicine) is not some impulsive dream of mine, springing from listening to tales about how fulfilling medics' lives can be; I have investigated the profession, understood its demands and seen my father's experiences within the field. I wish to lead a life based on philanthropy (University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division, n.d.).

While the field of medicine entails pressures and challenges, I have taken it all in my stride because of my intense curiosity towards science, as well...


I have persevered and finished medical school, passing two U.S. board exams. With the major fraction of my aspirations having been fulfilled, I now seek to fulfill the rest of my life goal, practicing in the U.S.; I am, therefore, applying for U.S. residency.

I recently volunteered my services to a youth Special Needs Initiative. Young people's demanding needs made my task arduous, but I was rewarded with the experience of dealing with diverse groups of individuals, on a routine basis, in a receptive environment. I found joy in spending time there, and a satisfaction in seeing youth enjoying themselves and doing activities to which they would usually not have access. 'A' level Chemistry and Biology have fostered my scientific understanding and interest; Moreover, Mathematics has contributed to development of a logical and analytical way of thinking- a beneficial trait in the field of medicine. I aim, during the course of my career, to communicate effectively with all those I come across, so I decided to learn the Spanish language, as it is getting increasingly popular across the globe.

The time I spent in surgeries and hospitals enabled me to delve into diverse healthcare aspects comprehensively and the experience I received in different medical branches revealed to me how well medicine integrates my key abilities and skills with my key interests. My yearning to…

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