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The fact of the matter that people place power and belief in the pyramid itself proclaiming that the pyramid itself is a cure all for their problems

The impossibility to either prove or deny many of these instances of miracle does misplaces the causality of their happening. Mystery contributes to the human mind's desperate attempt to make sense of things that have no logical or obvious cause. Perhaps this is the case in many worshippers of the pyramid. The previous arguments suggesting that power of the pyramid is in fact real and causes humans to react in special or abnormal ways confuses the situation about casualty and result.

Blanket statements that either support or deny the use of pyramid power will both most likely be incomplete and unmoving. Scientific experiment demands that these effects be both repeatable and with certain cause. This is very difficult due to both the esoteric and exoteric value of the pyramid. It is very much possible for exposure to shapes and colors have significant effect on the emotional well being of an individual, but what other variables are being excluded or included in this assignment of causality? No one really knows. Cars, airplanes and computers are used by millions of people that have virtually no idea about how these items operate and what makes them work. This same reasoning should be applied to those who wish to take advantage of pyramid power. If it works, why not use it?


By defining the key terms of the hypothesis in a very broad manner, the hypothesis I suggested becomes very easy to prove. It becomes quite obvious that pyramids can indeed influence the well being and health of individuals in many different ways. The use of broad language used as a skill to argue becomes very valuable in the realm of science and can help shape arguments into very neat little packages that limit the true nature of the information.

At one level the pyramids located as tourist attractions in Egypt brings in interest and money from those wishing to learn about their creation and purpose. This outside interest is healthy for Egypt and some of its people. This is pyramid power being exerted at one level.

Another example of pyramid power rests in its inclusion on the Untied States One Dollar Bill. This pyramid is used as symbol of wealth and economic power over its users. This use of the pyramid can be said to be good for the health of those who have an interest in the power of American currency.

A more exoteric view of pyramid power would be used by those who feel that the shape itself has some kind of real and physical effect on the materials within the body. This is impossible to prove one way or another. Healing and well being are emotional reactions to physical stimuli. Once again the problem of relativity and subjectivity prevents any real definitive or scientific conclusion on the use of the power in this way. Since existence is centered from an individual standpoint, empathy is the only real tool we have to make such bold proclamations on the feelings and attitudes of others.


At the end of the day it does not matter what science says or proclaims because of the dogmatic views it assumes discounts certain phenomenon that cannot be physically proven. Pyramids have power to create discussion which, in my opinion is the most healthy thing something can perform. How this power manifests is a different matter and a different argument. Figuring out how such power is created can create a more interesting argument as it compels us to ask new questions and explore new arenas of awareness that can provide us with new solutions to our old problems.

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