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Topic for Research

According to Erikson’s stages of development, the period of adolescence is when teens experience the Identity vs. Role Confusion conflict. Unless they are able to solve this conflict, they cannot proceed on to the next stage of development in a meaningful and positive way. One of the problems that adolescents face today, however, is that they are not provided with ample opportunity to resolve this conflict in a meaningful way. The identities they form for themselves are not forged in the furnace of ideals or values but rather in the cauldron of ethical egoism, wherein one learns that morality is determined by that which provides one with what one wants, i.e., all ends justify whatever means necessary to justify the individual’s personal desire or ambition. This is not a recipe for moral development, according to Kristjansson (2014). The question this study would like to ask is: What can educators do to provide adolescent students with more opportunities to develop their character so that they can successfully establish an appropriate sense of identity that will enable them to succeed in life by adhering to a system of ethics that facilitates prosperity for self, family and community?

This is an important topic to consider because as Gong (2010) has pointed out there is a major problem in modern society today with regard to individual character and the moral development of the young. Gong (2010) argues that a return to virtue ethics systems ala Confucius or Aristotle is both necessary and inevitable as otherwise society is doomed to collapse under…

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…be in order to succeed.

As Bandura (2018) points out, the three main groups that influence cognitive development are peers, media and groups, and so it would be interesting to conduct a qualitative study to see how adolescents are being affected by the COVID-19 responses that have locked down communities, insisted upon social distancing and limited one’s development by putting everything essentially on hold. Understanding what the needs of this current generation are in terms of character development, what options would benefit them and what they are experiencing currently would help to prepare educators for the future in terms of facilitating their development. This study would require some interesting and appropriate theoretical frameworks, and those should be determined and applied carefully so as to be able to interpret the situation and the problem in…

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