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Butler College Prep 9th Grade Dean Position



Butler College Prep is here to get you ready for the real world out there.

The Lynx is the symbol of the spirit we cultivate: inside each and every one of our students grows the reflective and dominant soul of this fearsome animaleyes sharp like incisors, limbs strong and powerful. The Lynxlike every student at Butler College Prepsprints to the finish, growling with desire for the next challenge so it can prove itself again and again.

The field is wide open. The hunt is on. The next generation is yours to lead. Butler College Prep will give you the tools, learning, example, and opportunity to become leaders in your communities and in the wider world.

Welcome to the next step in the rest of your life.


Among the 10th grade team, Ms. Rahiem is killing it: her students show tremendous growth in their scores, and the only area she could use some work is on cognitive lift. Ms. Green is also killing as has great growth scores for her students; she could improve her engagement, however, are really help her students to excel even more. Evans in ELA is not meeting expectations and his students are showing poor growth scores. Evans should be focusing connectivity and alignment. Porento in history also has poor student growth scores and should start by making his classroom into an environment that feels safe and supportive for the students. D. Rob in science lacks connectivity and a proper demonstration of alignmentand if he focuses on these areas student growth scores should improve.

Each of these instructors has the skill and tools to achieve great things in their classrooms. Every small victory has to be celebrated, however, because that is how you cement growth and changeby boosting morale, providing encouragement, heaping praise when it is deserved, and showing support. The instructors most in need of support are Evans, Porento and D. Rob, and this is evident in the poor growth scores among their students. To support them, I would use the person-centered approach and Rogers (1951) notion of the need for congruence between ones self-image and ones self-ideal. Using this approach helps one to…of Growth

1. What do you see as an important area of growth in student performance on this assessment?

Answering evidence, inference, and making meaning of words questions.

2. How does this align with the PSAT data?

On the PSAT, all three of those areas are power standards. Student will be exposed to those questions the most on the PSAT and should be prepared to correctly answer them.

3. How might you ask your team to reflect on this area of growth?

Have them do a guided analysis of this information and next steps.

4. Are these skills that have already been taught?

Reflect on the disconnect between instruction and student performance.

The next steps to take would be to follow the action plan:

Action Plan

1. What actions might you encourage a team to take to effectively address this gap?

Create collaboration opportunities between reading and writing teachers, submits new lesson plans reflecting directives, and spend the most time on standards that will weigh the heaviest on the exam.

2. How would you monitor and support these actions as a coach?

I would implement the plan by daily observation and lesson review. I would also…

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Rogers, C. (1951). Client-Centered Therapy. MA: Riverside Press.

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