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The film Shrek is a lighthearted animated movie produced by DreamWorks. Shrek can also be classified as a family movie, not only because it is animated but also because the plot, themes, and dialogue are suitable for children of all ages. At the same time, Shrek contains enough sophistication to please an adult audience, too. It is funny, albeit in a straightforward and occasionally formulaic way that includes the use of slapstick and situational comedy as well as verbal comedy. The movie does, however, use satire to make fun of the gendered tropes used in childrens fairy tales.

The film follows the title character, a green ogre who lives in a swamp. Shrek starts off mistrusting the world, having learned that people judge him based on his appearance rather than getting to know him. However, Shreks life changes forever when he embarks on a quest to rescue a princess. At first the princess also judges Shrek for being an ogre but soon she learns to love himand the audience also learns that the princess is also green and ogre-like too. Therefore, quite a lot changes from beginning to end, mainly in that Shrek learns to let down his guard and open his heart, seeing that others like Donkey and the Princess appreciate him for who he is, in spite ofor perhaps even because ofthe fact he is an ogre. The friendship between Shrek and Donkey also deepens from beginning to end. At first,...…handsome prince. Repression, adultery, and other adult themes linked to intimate relationships are not explored in Shrek, which was written clearly to be a family movie.

Shrek appeals to the common people, the vulgus in Latin. The humor is mainstream, light, and although ironic and satirical at times, easy to understand. In this sense, Shrek can be considered both sophisticated and vulgar. It is not a vulgar film in the sense that it uses vulgarity. On the contrary, the dialogue is devoid of curse words, racial slurs, or dark humor. Shrek is only vulgar in that it does epitomize popular culture. It lacks subtlety and nuance because it appeals to a general audience, which is what the filmmakers intended with this animated family…

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