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Sophocles' Oedipus the King

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Tragedy: A tragedy is any event which causes great suffering and stress, such as the death of a loved one or a natural disaster. In the context of Greek literature, tragedy was the most popular form of theatre, with storytellers relying on the rhetorical technique of tragic irony to create emotionally resonant tales of lost love and territorial conquest.

Philosophy: The overall study of the human condition, reality, metaphysics, and other pursuits of higher intelligence.

Psychology: The scientific study of the human mind, including cognitive function, perception, attention, emotion and behavior.

Logic: The fundamental application of reasoning to the pursuit of problem solving, a function which only the human mind is known to hold the capacity to perform.

Ethics: The branch of
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philosophy which postulates certain standards which should be used to guide proper human conduct.

Mathematics: The abstract study of numerical value, spatial relationships, geometry, and other quantitative analysis. The Greeks emphasized geometry within their mathematical studies, with Pythagoras and Euclid pioneering the study of angles, shapes and measurement.

Rhetoric: Used by the Greeks as the ultimate form of reasoned discourse, rhetoric describes the ability of writers and orators to persuade others to a particular viewpoint, or motivate and inspire action.

Anthropomorphism: A literary technique wherein an animal, plant, body of water, or even a mythical god, is imbued with human characteristics. Favored by the Greeks, anthropomorphism was used to integrate the pantheon of gods into stories and plays, and to allow for trees, rivers and other aspects of the natural environment to speak, fall in love, and otherwise act in a human manner,

Hubris: The excessive pride or arrogance that typically precedes the downfall of a…

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