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diversity of the different cultures. The main aim is to highlight the diversity in the form of literature. Through different research methods, the paper has been compiled with the help of different reference sites and libraries.

There are different pieces of literature listed in the paper. The main aim of this is to show the different variance of culture in literature. The main focus of the paper is children's books. There is a vast variety of different story books for children. Some are universal, while others are culture specific.

This list is based on such culture specific stories for children to read. This list consists of books which are suitable for children in grades K. To 8.

Annotated Bibliography

Bishop, C.H. (1996). The Five Chinese Brothers.

The story is about five brothers from Chinese descent, who have the ability to do something special. The one with the ability to hold the sea in his mouth allows a boy to accompany him on his fishing trip. Things get out of hand. The boy drowns due to ignorance of the man's warning. And so the brother is accused of murder. He is then sentenced to the death penalty. So the remaining four brothers replace him each time he is sentenced to death penalty. The four brothers can not be killed. At the end of the story, the judge proclaims the man innocent since the man was unable to die.

Ages 4 and up


Chapter book

Choi, Y. (2003). The Name Jar .

The book is a story of a family who has immigrated to America from China. On her first day she realizes that her name is not the same as the rest. So she decides to change her name to something more suitable to the other names around her. In class when she is asked about her name, she says she has not picked one up yet. The next she finds a jar full of different names written on slips of paper on it. She takes them home to deliberate over them. Meanwhile she shares this with her family and grandmother. Who then explains to her the importance of her name? In the end, she chooses her own name.

Ages 7 and up


Chapter book

Climo, S. The Korean cinderalla.

This is one of the many versions of the story of Cinderella. The story involves a man marrying a widower with a daughter the same age as his own. The daughter and mother are very unkind. As time goes by, the step sister gives her different tasks to complete. They are highly impossible to do. However, Pear Blossom (Cinderella) manages to complete them without any problem. She receives help from many different magical creatures. In the end she gets married to the magistrate, who falls in love with her.

Ages 4 and up


Picture book

Gregorowski, C. (2000). Fly, Eagle, Fly: An African Tale.

It is a simple story about a farmer and his eaglet. On the hunt for his calf, the farmer finds an eaglet. He takes it home and decides to raise it among his chicken. As time goes by, the eaglet grows up. He follows the same patterns as the chicken around him. However, a friend of the farmer sets out to show him that the eagle is bound to fly away. In the end the eagle does fly away into the sky. This story has a deeper meaning, it relates to the African culture being submerged with other cultures. It points to the fact how no matter where and how someone is raised; their true nature is where they belong from.

Ages 4-8


Chapter book

Hollander, J. American Poetry .

This is a compilation of poetry by the great writer Hollander. The book has poetry which is suitable for students and young adults. The poetry has many different aspects to it

Ages 8 and up



Johns, L.S. The White Giraffe .

This is the story of a legend of the white giraffe. The main character is shipped to an animal reserve. There she hears the legend of the white giraffe. This giraffe is said to leave foot prints where it visits. One night, during a storm, the girl sees the white giraffe. From there onwards, she is able to see the giraffe. However, the giraffe gets caught. She then takes the help…[continue]

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