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"Twenty-one State Attorneys General have filed suits to protect their citizens from being forced, in violation of the Constitution, to purchase government-approved health insurance" (Obamacare: Impact on States 4).

Doctors are drastically being cut out of profit through Obamacare. As a result, "Nearly two-thirds of doctors are considering abandoning any kind of government-sponsored health care insurance, stating that regulations are too high and reimbursement too low" (Obamacare Facts 1).

"Obamacare expands government's role as the primary payer of health care by adding 18 million people to the Medicaid program, which on average reimburses doctors only 56% of the market rate for medical procedures. Due to increased regulation and less reimbursement, 66% of doctors are considering no longer accepting government health programs" (Obamacare: Impact on Doctors 6).

It is scary to think of our country if there was to be a shortage of doctors. One would think that the President would make a plan to encourage people to become doctors, while instead Obama has made a law that gives doctors no incentives.

While there seem to be many disadvantages to the Obamacare plan others who support the plan see many advantages to Obamacare. One advantage supporter's claim is, "The Act was designed to reduce healthcare costs by making services available to the 32 million who currently can't get insurance. They often use a hospital emergency room as their primary care physician, increasing costs for everyone" (Dishwater Dream 5). When non-emergency patients are treated in the emergency room it is much more costly then a regular doctors visit. It also uses urgent resources inappropriately.

The low income families and people of America love Obamacare. "For people who can't afford health insurance, the federal government will pay the states to add them to Medicaid. The income requirement will be expanded to include more of the working poor" (Obamacare Facts 1). This means Obamacare will expand the requirements to qualify for free medical insurance or Medicaid. Another reason so many Americans are in support for Obamacare is for this reason: "Those who don't qualify for the expanded Medicaid will receive tax credits. States will be required to set up insurance exchanges to make it easier to shop for private health insurance coverage" (Obamacare Facts 1).

Obamacare is changing many of the insurance policies for the maximum dependent age requirement. "Insurance companies cannot deny children coverage for pre-existing conditions. This benefit applies to everyone in 2014. Insurance companies can no longer drop anyone from coverage once they get sick. If a company denies someone coverage, that person can go to an external appeals process" (Obamacare Facts 1). "Parents can put their children up to age 26 on their health insurance plans. This will bring more profit for health insurance companies, since they will receive more premiums without higher costs for these healthier individuals" (Obamacare Facts 1).

It is claimed that the Obamacare plan will get our country less out of the big whole of debt it is in today. According to Obamacare Facts, "The Medicare "donut hole" gap in coverage will be eliminated by 2020" (Obamacare Facts 1). One other advantage to Obamacare that people claim is that, "Obamacare does not apply to businesses with less than 50 employees. Larger businesses are required to offer health insurance, but receive tax credits to help employees pay premiums. In 2014, the tax credit increases to 50%" (Obamacare Facts 1). "The Act will lower the budget deficit by $143 billion over the next 10 years by raising some taxes and shifting more cost burdens" (Obamacare Facts 1). Many Americans are very concerned with the amount of debt that our country is in, so after hearing some of the affects of Obamacare it sounds like a good plan to many Americans if it will help our country with the debt

It has been debated that Obamacare is unconstitutional. Obamacare is taking our religious freedom away which is our constitutional right. With this being said, in my opinion, we should not be forced to support with our money something that is morally wrong in some people's religion. The mandate forces all citizens to support contraceptives and abortion, even though it is against people's religious beliefs. The United States has the best healthcare system available in the world; if Obamacare is implemented we will lose a vast majority of doctors.

In conclusion, the healthcare reform law is changing our nation in every aspect. Americans who are against it need to be more active in the voting process to better their chances. If the Obamacare plan is taken into full affect, our constitutional rights will be violated with some of the mandates included in the healthcare reform plan.

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